Las Vegas brides, today you are not going to be viewing your ordinary Bridal Spectacular blog.  What, you say?  Well, ordinarily you will find helpful tips, ideas, and thoughts about the Las Vegas wedding planning process; but today, it’s time for some input from the man’s perspective.  By a man, for a man.

Hey, I'm Anthony! (See left.) Thumbs up for a good time!

Grooms, it’s today that we talk about the most important day before your wedding day.  That’s right, your bachelor party.  If you are anything like me, when it came to planning your bachelor party, I had a whole lot of movies run through my mind, most of which had party ideas that I wasn’t a big fan of.  (You know what I mean….)  A solid night of debauchery wasn’t what I was looking for, so I had to go back to the drawing board.

Instead of jumping into pools with your clothes on and other activities I will not outline here, the night of your bachelor party can, in fact, be spent doing things that your future wife-to-be might find a little more favorable.  See below for three ideas for your bachelor party and feel free to post your own!

1)     Shooting

Let’s face it; we men have quite a fascination with things that explode.  Did you play with fire when you were growing up?  If you raised your hand, good for you.  If not, well, please hand over the man-card.  Go out with a bunch of the guys and spend a day shooting it up.  Be sure to be safe. Bring all required safety equipment and unload those guns in a safe, (and need I say this) legal environment!

Racing games!

2)     Play a Game or Two

If you are into video games, go have a night out on the town at one of Vegas’ several arcades. Since I am an avid PC and Xbox gamer, my groomsmen and I drove down to GameWorks, a multiple story arcade on the Strip, for a night of car racing and blasting alien baddies.  GameWorks has nearly everything you could think of and all at a reasonable price.  Nothing beats challenging your friend to a lightsaber duel the night before you tie the knot!

3)     How About a Round of Golf?

Take a day or two off work and visit any number of the fantastic golf courses in the Las Vegas area.  If you already golf every weekend with your coworkers or friends, take a trip to the Pacific Northwest (or anywhere, really) to see some of the greenest golf courses you will ever see.  Spend a couple days golfing with the guys for your last huzzah.

Whatever you end up doing, be sure to keep it safe!  You’re about to become a married man!  Please let us know your own ideas for Las Vegas bachelor parties by commenting below.

Author: Anthony Siwajian

Photographs provided by Anthony Siwajian.