“It’s fun to put a groom in an Armani suit in a dumpster,” Art Greene, Director of Marketing at Cashman Brothers Fine Photography, said of one couple’s choice for their engagement shoot. “You know, we don’t get to do that every day.”

As just one glimpse into the vivid life of Cashman Brothers Fine Photography, this small scene shares just how lively and personal a photo shoot can be for brides and grooms anticipating their wedding day. With high-quality images, superior photography skills, and incomparable customer service for Las Vegas weddings, Cashman Brothers has consistently been a guiding light for brides and grooms who want their photography just as customized as any aspect of their wedding days.

“The Cashman Brothers Fine Photography is not about the style of photo that we want,” Greene said. “It’s about the style of photography that the bride and groom want.”

For a Las Vegas bride and groom, this feature couldn’t be more desirable. Weddings are intended to be a reflection of the couple. From the color scheme to the dinner menu, their special day says it all. And with a company like Cashman Brothers, now brides and grooms can even customize their photography.

“If you want a photographer who really goes after photojournalism, then that’s who we’re matching you with,” Greene said. “Or maybe you need a woman photographer for any reason. We’ll send you the best woman photographer in the industry.”

In addition to custom choices for photographers, Cashman Brothers Fine Photography even offers personalization to match a couple’s photo style and budget.

“Everybody wants something that will look different. And we want to be able to cater to their needs,” Greene said. “We work hard to customize everything.”

While Cashman Brothers Fine Photography recognizes individual inspiration, this team also realizes the importance of connectedness.

“Usually we establish a bond between the photographer and the bride right away,” Greene said.

Once that bond is formed, the bride and groom will work with that same photographer throughout every stage of their wedding and marriage.

“Almost every time, the photographer who does the engagement shoot is the same one who does the wedding, and might do the boudoir shoot, or even family photography out at Red Rock Canyon,” Greene said. “We’re going to be their every step of their lives.”

At Cashman Brothers, it’s a family affair, but with all the professionalism and full-service features expected from such a polished business.

“We’re a full-service company,” Greene said. “We have photography, cinematography, your traditional wedding videos as well as the cinematic trailers. We’re truly full-service. But we’re a boutique firm… Out of the hundreds of weddings we shot last year, no two came out the same.”

And it’s that boutique nature, that closeness and that care, which allows Cashman Brothers Fine Photography to truly provide a unique experience to each and every client.

For more information, please visit Cashman Brothers Fine Photography website. To schedule a consultation, please contact their team by phone at 702-220-9506. Or for additional Las Vegas wedding resources, please visit Bridal Spectacular’s website.

Author: Allyson Siwajian

All photographs by Cashman Brothers Fine Photography in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  1. Photographers Sam and Paul were AMAZING. They got along great with my friends and family and truly listened to what we wanted.

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