Want to start your marriage with romance designed to fit your desires? Las Vegas brides, you’re on your way to experiencing a honeymoon specifically designed for you and your groom! Take this quiz to discover what your perfect honeymoon looks like.

Just Married! Where will you journey for your honeymoon?

Quiz: What’s Your Honeymoon Style?

1. It’s a three-day weekend. You and your groom plan to…

a). Pack your Camelbacks, and strap on your Tevas. It’s time for an adrenaline-pumping weekend of hiking, bouldering, camping, and rock climbing in The Great Outdoors.

b). Catch a film on Netflix, and order take-out. Draw the blinds, cuddle on the couch together, and let your day off be spent on some much-needed R & R.

c). Grab your cameras, and jump in the car for a road trip that’s Destination Anywhere.  The world is your oyster, the stereo is at your command, and here’s your chance to capture the landscape through your camera’s lens.

d). Dress your best, and race to the Las Vegas Strip. The music is pumping, the drinks are waiting, and you can’t wait to hit the club action.

2. Your favorite movie would be…

a). Pirates of the Caribbean.

Excited by action and adventure?

b). Wall-E.

c). 500 Days of Summer.

d). Sex in the City.

3. A perfect day includes…

a). Riding roller coasters at a theme park.

b). Lounging in a hammock under a shady tree on a sunny day.

c). Exploring little known areas of town that exhibit big personality.

d). Shopping, followed by a few hours at a spa.

Love to lounge at a spa and pool?

4. Your ideal wedding location would be…

a). If we had to stay near Las Vegas, we’d marry on Mount Charleston in a moment. But if we could travel anywhere, a destination wedding in the jungles of Costa Rica or the snowfall of the Swiss Alps would be awesome!

b). We would love to soak up the sand and surf in a casual beach wedding. Well, if we couldn’t make it to California, my parents’ backyard would be beautiful!

c). We’d wed in San Francisco, with a trolley to take us there and lots of local color in our vintage-style photographs. But if that’s not in the budget, we’d probably try to find an eclectic locale in Vegas—like a dry bed lake or a museum. Hmmm… maybe even a funky wedding chapel!

d).  Hollywood! Imagine the sunsets, the nightlife, and the five-star resort! If we couldn’t make it somewhere that glamorous, we’d be stars in our own city. Time to book a high-rise hotel in Viva Las Vegas!

Find Your Results.

If you are mostly A’s, you like ADVENTURE. Jump headfirst into new experiences with your fiancé as you explore new terrain in your relationship.

Dreaming of a natural, private beach?

If you are mostly B’s, you like RELAXATION. Embrace this time to appreciate each other in a calm atmosphere, secluded from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

If you are mostly C’s, you like ARTISTRY. Indulge your desire to revel in the discovery of each moment while you gain insight to each other’s souls.

If you are mostly D’s, you like being IN THE SCENE. Celebrate each other as you partake in the excitement and entertainment of the big city sphere together.

Happy Honeymoon!

Now that you know your honeymoon style, invite your groom to share his ideas as well. Together, plan a honeymoon with a location and itinerary that accommodates your style and your fiancé’s likes. Then buy plane tickets, book hotels, and start dreaming about your first days of married life together during your ultimate honeymoon!

Article and Photographs: © 2011 Allyson Siwajian