If all you need is love, then young couple Laura and Charlie Covington are only beginning a lifetime of harmony and happiness. Recently wed in an Asian-themed backyard wedding, the new Mr. and Mrs. Covington are now able to share the love with even more people. This is all thanks to a new Las Vegas wedding trend that allows more brides and grooms to share their wedding day experience with friends, family, and coworkers. And it’s known as the Wedding Cinema Trailer!

Charlie and Laura share true love's kiss.

Similar to save-the-date videos, the wedding cinema trailer encompasses a bride and groom’s love story and wedding day in a matter of moments. Perfect for distributing to friends, coworkers, and out-of-town relatives who want to experience the wedding day (without watching four hours of video footage), this trailer highlights the ceremony, reception, special moments, and fond memories. Share the video on Facebook, e-mail the link, embed it on your blog, or burn DVDs—whatever your style!

With a wedding cinema trailer, relive the magic of the moment and reminisce on the love shared during a couple’s most special day. Experience this sensation through Laura and Charlie’s wedding cinema trailer. Created with this couple in mind, this trailer now allows all of us brides to share in the excitement, the passion, and the personality of their wedding day.

For Laura and Charlie, “There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.” And, in this video, it’s easy to see they’ve found exactly that place they’re meant to be. Wedded and wrapped in each other’s arms—from the moment of their vows into eternity.

Laura & Charles – Preview Trailer from Memory Lane Video-Cinematography.

Author:  Allyson Siwajian

Cinema Trailer:  Memory Lane Video