Las Vegas brides, I’m so excited! The Bridal Spectacular bridal show is finally here! This weekend, accomplish a month’s worth of wedding planning in a single weekend. With vendors to find, prizes to win, fashion shows to watch and décor displays to admire, you’ll discover the solution to wedding planning while having a fun time too! But before you step through the doors on Friday night and Saturday morning, be sure you’re prepared.

Want to know what you should bring to the Bridal Spectacular bridal show? Follow these helpful tips to ensure your bridal show experience is the best.

1. Remember your tickets: Did you already purchase bridal show tickets online? Then don’t forget to bring the printed ticket with you to gain admission. Or if you prefer to pay at the door, please bring $15.00 cash, a check, or your credit/debit card to gain entrance to Las Vegas’ most anticipated bridal show.

Get excited for the bridal show, just like these ladies!

2. Bring $4.00 cash for parking at Cashman Center. Brides, we don’t want to charge you for parking. But rules are rules, and Cashman Center is asking each car to provide $4.00 cash for parking lot use. Let us make it up to you. Buy your bridal show tickets online with promo code “PCA2011” and we’ll give you a $5.00 discount.

3. Carry a camera: You’ll see plenty of décor inspiration and dress designs on display throughout the bridal show. Bring a camera to take photographs of what you like. Don’t have a camera? Keep your cell phone on hand to take snapshots. While you’re welcome to freely use a camera throughout Bridal Spectacular’s Inspiration Avenue and fashion shows, always ask a vendor’s permission before photographing a booth.

4. Bring your favorite way to take notes: Post-Its, pen and paper, iPad—Choose your favorite means to take notes and bring it along to the bridal show. This will let you record what you most liked in your own words. Then you can personalize ideas you learned at the show for use in your own Las Vegas weddings!

The more, the merrier! Bring your friends!

5. Take bride-and-groom mailing labels: Whether you’re requesting further information or entering a contest, you’ll often distribute your contact information to bridal show exhibitors. Skip the hand cramp and save time with mailing labels. Simply print out three to four pages with this information: bride’s name, groom’s name, mailing address, e-mail address (set up a new e-mail account to handle wedding planning materials), phone number, and expected wedding date.

6. Invite your groom, Mom, and bridesmaids: The best way to experience the bridal show is to share it with someone. So bring along your favorite friends and family members. With their input and energy, you’ll have more fun and even more eyes on the lookout for vendors with your wedding style.

This weekend with these bridal show strategies in mind, you’ll be ready to tackle a full day of planning without breaking a sweat. Wear comfortable shoes, and remember you’ll receive a free tote bag to carry all the materials, information packets, and additional resources you’ll receive at the show. It’s going to be an exciting weekend, brides! We can’t wait to share it with you!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian © 2011