Las Vegas brides, if you love your tattoos, then display them in all their glory for your Las Vegas weddings. A tattoo represents a symbol that means so much to you that you chose to engrave it upon your body. It’s part of who you are, and it tells your story. So why cover it up? If your groom accepts your tat, then you’re in the clear!

Photo by John Michael Cooper

But while you’re planning to display your tattoo, also consider how you’ll use it to complement your bridal beauty. It’s body jewelry. So how can you allow it to be an accent to enhance your overall appearance? Today consider these bridal beauty tips for bold brides, and discover how your tattoo can make a statement on your wedding day.

  • Match your wedding colors. Let a favorite tattoo, be it loud and large or subtle and small, be the inspiration for your wedding color scheme. With centerpieces, aisle runners, table linens, or party favors in the same shade as your visible tattoo, your wedding becomes a work of creative artistry.
  • Add a gown sash, jewelry, or sassy shoes. Complement the color and style of your tattoo with additional accessories. Hearken to a deep blue shoulder tattoo with a bridal gown belt in a similar or even contrasting color. Attract attention to an ankle inking with high heels in a bright color or a patterned matte. Or to stay subtle, include jewelry of a similar theme to your tattoo’s design.
  • Emphasize an edge with black lace. Have a large tattoo in a dark shade, sleeves, or maybe gothic symbols? Tie in your tats with black lace trim on your white bridal gown, or add a black lace overlay across the waist with a black satin sash. Also, experiment with a black birdcage veil.
  • Reflect a tattoo’s tone with your bridal gown. If your tattoo is whimsical, try a tea-length gown with an equally fanciful skirt pattern or bodice cut. If it’s a romantic image, experiment with an exquisite traditional gown in tulle or satin. You don’t want to be matchy-matchy; just let this be a subtle way to further incorporate all the pieces of your bridal beauty. As you search for your perfect gown, choose the dress that makes you feel the most beautiful.
  • Include a complementary bridal bouquet. Show your florist your visible tattoos, and work together to find a floral arrangement inspired by your ink. For example, a beach-themed tattoo may be complemented with tropical blossoms. Consider the type of flowers, grass, feathers, jewels, etc. to create artistic imagery.
Photo by John Michael Cooper

Voila! Now you can embrace your identity as a tatted bride. You’ll draw attention to your ink, whether it’s a memorial to a loved one, an artistic endeavor, a cultural symbol, or a personal identity statement. Let ‘em look, and don’t be afraid to be who you are!

Brides, if you’re proud of your tattoos, enjoy incorporating them into your wedding day look. We’ve seen it at Bridal Spectacular’s 2011 fashion show, with a dark butterfly gracing one bride’s back. We’d love to see more. Submit your inked bride photos to [email protected], and show us how you rocked the aisle on your wedding day!

Author: Allyson Siwajian of Bridal Spectacular © 2011

Photographs: John Michael Cooper of Alt F Photography