Brides, with Artistic Imaging, you don’t have to worry about looking good in front of the camera. All you need to do is be yourself. Photographers at Artistic Imaging excel at transforming the natural environment into larger-than-life photographs. Through lighting, angles, and a flair for artistic drama in tactful doses, this professional studio provides brides and grooms with the best of both worlds for their Las Vegas weddings through portraiture and photojournalism.

excellent lighting: bride and groom, both wearing white, sit on black couch

“We are a photography studio and have been in Las Vegas since 1997,” Julie Madison of Artistic Imaging said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

As a full-service studio with over a decade of experience, Artistic Imaging specializes in weddings as well as corporate events. This diversity of focus brings a detail-oriented edge while also remembering the grand scope of each event. For wedding photography, this translates to a perfect blend of intimacy and grandeur.

“In wedding photography, we try to take a little bit more of a dramatic approach,” Madison said. “Highlighting the images with lighting, as opposed to just producing flat images.”

This technique delivers a high-fashion photography style, and it creates images that portray the bride and groom in a tone that is appropriate for their particular wedding. But while Artistic Imaging produces high-quality portraiture for weddings, bridal, and engagement shoots, these photographers also master photojournalism to capture each special moment throughout the wedding day.

Grinning Bride and Groom in chapel

“For the reception,” Madison said, “we like to take a photojournalistic approach, telling the story as candidly as possibly as it happens.”

Artistic Imaging continues to demonstrate their flexibility by always catering to customers’ needs. In addition to portraiture and photojournalistic methods, brides and grooms may experience their images further through social media access.

“It used to be that couples had to have the album, had to have a coffee table book,” Madison said. “Today it’s more important that they have it on their iPad or on Facebook.”

To accommodate the modern bride, Artistic Imaging has made each bride’s negatives and images available for purchase. Then with a master DVD, she may upload her professional wedding photographs to Facebook or additional social networking sites as she sees fit. With unlimited sharing, a bride can allow anyone she chooses to partake in the joy of her wedding through professional images with a personal touch.

engagement shoot in desert dry lake bed

For brides and grooms who want a collection of photographs to enjoy, share, and cherish, Artistic Imaging offers unique experiences for engagement shoots designed for each couple’s personal style.

“For an engagement shoot, we take a little more liberty than on the wedding day,” Madison said. “We don’t have a timeline to consider. No one is holding food on our behalf. So we have a little more time to be more elaborate. … There is probably a very good possibility that you find yourself lit from three or four different angles at the same time to get some of the drama into the pictures.”

With a bride and groom’s vision paired with an artistic photographer’s eye for lighting, angles, and setting, a couple’s engagement photographs are guaranteed to draw attention and cultivate memories of a treasured time.

bridal gown hangs on wall, shoes sparkle in the light

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” Madison said.

With Artistic Imaging, those words are richly embodied through imagery.

Brides, let your engagement and wedding photographs communicate who you are. Whether your style includes portraiture or photojournalism, invite Artistic Imaging to cast you in your best light and to illuminate the details of your story through poignant pictures. Then share your wedding celebration, via social media or traditional prints, with images that capture the essence of your special day and professional photographs that truly say it all.

For more information about Artistic Imaging or to view their portfolio, please visit Artistic Imaging’s website and blog. To schedule a consultation for your wedding and engagement sessions, please call their team at 702-342-0404.

natural style: groom's boutonniere , bride's bouquet, wedding rings

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Artistic Imaging