Las Vegas brides, your wedding cake will be the focal point of hundreds of photographs. You’ll want your cake to look polished, reflect your personal style, and coordinate with the surrounding wedding décor. Then, of course, for all its beauty, you’ll also want each tier’s flavor to taste absolutely delicious.

For a wedding cake that fulfills all these requirements, choose to work with a professional Las Vegas wedding cake bakery. But before you walk through the doors of just any store, view these wedding cakes for inspiration. Find which style you like best. Since local bakeries created each cake featured in this gallery, know these cakes can be easily customized to fit your specific wedding too.

Polka Dot Paradise: Pedestal Wedding Cake

Transform your pedestal cake into a modern design. Use multiple layers, each on its own board. Ask your bakery to add a little glitz to the base of each layer. Then provide them with ribbon to wrap each cake tier in the same trimming that will bind your bridal bouquet.

white pedastal cake with black and white polka dot ribbon, fresh sunflowers
Cake design by Albertson's Bakery (Photo by Orange Soda Photography)

Inspired by the Bride: Traditional Wedding Cake

Let your bridal gown inspire the intricacies of your cake’s design with a traditional twist. Bring a photograph of your wedding gown, and watch your bakery create a cake design that will make your dress pop when you’re standing beside this custom creation.

traditional, tiered, white wedding cake with details of bride's dress
Cake design by Pastry Palace (Photo by Allyson Siwajian)

Leaning with the Leaves: Seasonal Wedding Cake

Embrace the season of your wedding through your cake’s décor. However, to keep autumn leaves looking fresh and fancy, encourage your bakery to complement this seasonal cake décor with an original multi-tiered design.

multi-tiered wedding cake in orange, chocolate, and cream colors
Design by Cravin' Cake Bakery (Photo by Allyson Siwajian)

Enter the Dragon: Theme Wedding Cake

Take your themed wedding cake to the next level. Whether your wedding’s theme is based on your culture, a time of year, a movie, or a meaningful event, share these details with your bakery. Explain your ideas and give the baker liberty to create a design that will reflect your wedding’s theme on your special day.

red and gold tiered wedding cake with prominent Chinese Dragon
Cake design by Pastry Palace (Photo by Allyson Siwajian)

Simple Sophistication: Round-Tiered, Ribbon Wedding Cake

Bring your design back to the basics with a simple, elegant, traditional cake. For a large guest list, forego elaborate tiers in favor of a style that will feed many mouths. Finish with a ribbon wrapped at each tier’s base, and achieve symmetry with beautiful edible flowers.

cream wedding cake with flowers and white ribbon
Cake design by Queensridge Bakery (Photo by Allyson Siwajian)

Topsy Turvey: Mad Hatter Wedding Cake

Break the mold with a unique cake that delivers plenty of personality. Ask your bakery for a mad hatter cake design with whimsical accents. Provide the bakery with your wedding colors, favorite geometrical shapes, and wedding flower choices for added character and customization.

Mad Hatter Cake in gold, white, black, and red
Cake design by Freed's Bakery (Photo by Freed's Bakery of Las Vegas)

Playing for Keeps: Las Vegas Wedding Cake

Celebrate your Las Vegas wedding in style! Perfect for destination weddings or local newlyweds proud of their town, this cake can be customized to include dice, playing cards, slot machines, or the notorious “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Bring added vibrancy through your color choice, accent ribbon, or fresh flowers.

Las Vegas wedding cake with dice and playing cards
Cake design by Pastry Palace (Photo by Allyson Siwajian)

Glamorous Gift: Monogram Wedding Cake

Give a simple square cake added personality. Invite your bakery to include dazzling details through sparkling bands, glittering jewels, metallic accents, and even a bold display of feathers. Top with a monogram of your groom’s and your initials.

square white cake with sparkling band around each tier, monogram topper with light pink feathers
Cake design by Albertson's Bakery (Photo by Orange Soda Photography)

Partner with a Professional

Brides, once you find a cake that piques your interest, take note of its design. Then find the names and contact information of local bakeries on Bridal Spectacular’s website, and make an appointment with your favorite cake creator. Soon you’ll have a wedding cake of your own that looks incredible and tastes even better!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011