I like wedding planning TV shows and Internet forums as much as the next bride. Unfortunately, I have to admit these did help me establish a few myths as undeniable facts during my bride-to-be days. Of course, these myths were blasted to bits by the time my wedding rolled around, which did provide me quite a few funny stories in the wake of my wedding day.

Brides, rather than let you experience similar shock-and-awe scenarios, today I’d like to debunk a few myths and help you better prepare for the big day. As you plan your Las Vegas weddings, remember to keep in mind the truth about these wedding planning myths.

Ally and Anthony, bride and groom, dance surrounded by happy guests.
Share what you like with your DJ. Then trust him to motivate the crowd with the right music.

Myth #1: You should choose every song that is played at your wedding reception.

Okay, I admit it. I sent my disc jockey approximately forty-two songs that I just couldn’t live without for my reception. Unfortunately, brides, it’s impossible for a DJ to accommodate your entire playlist. To ensure he keeps the party going at an appropriate pace and leaves time for special reception events (like cake cutting), give your DJ the liberty to gauge the crowd’s mood and select filler music. All you need is to choose 15-20 songs. That’s it. When these do play (and they will, if you keep your request list small), then you’ll be filled with renewed excitement to hit the dance floor!

Myth #2: Your wedding party’s clothing must coordinate with the wedding’s accent colors.

Bright, vibrant colors are not necessarily good-looking shades on everyone. For example, while my wedding’s accent color was green, I quickly realized my bridesmaids would revolt if their dresses made them look like little leprechauns. Brides, you don’t need to coordinate wedding party clothes with the wedding’s accent color. Instead, select a complimentary neutral tone, like black, champagne, slate, or taupe, for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents.

Myth #3: No one will notice if you don’t write those thank-you notes.

Oh, but they will. It took me eight months to write all my thank-you notes. That is not ideal, mind you. My aunt in Canada called my father to find out if I’d received the towels they’d sent across the border earlier that year. Brides, dodge your own awkward situations. Write those letters and mail them within three months of your wedding day. If you don’t meet that requirement, don’t quit. As ye ole mantra says, “Better late than never.”

Bride and groom smiling and hugging
No matter what happens at your wedding, stay positive and united.

Myth #4: If you plan well, nothing will go wrong.

While it’s best to plan as much as you can, you also have to accept that some aspect is guaranteed to go off-course. In the past year, I’ve attended four weddings, and each of them had their own funny mishaps. While that’s another story for another time, I want you to know it’s okay if everything doesn’t happen exactly as you envision. Brides, any bad situation can be fixed. And if it can’t, then just laugh about it.  It’s part of your story now, and it’ll be worth telling in your married life.

Myth #5: Your wedding day is the best day of your life.

Yes, your wedding is one of your most important days. It’s the beginning of a beautiful marriage relationship, a new transition, and a new chapter. Celebrate it as best you can with as many close friends and family as you’d like! Create that party to fit your personality. Play that funky music. Document that day, and cherish the memories. But, brides, while wedding planning is important, remember that your marriage is what matters most. After the music fades and the guests go home, you and your fiancé will still have a whole host of special days ahead of you. Brides, take care of your grooms and cultivate your relationships. Once you’re married, the best day isn’t behind you. Your life together with the man you love has just begun!

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Jamison Frady of Quiet Art Photography