With a big smile, a bounce in his step, and a genuine thirst for life, Mike Briggs of Good Vibrations Mobile DJs brings his professional service, high-quality entertainment, and lively nature to Las Vegas weddings.

“We specialize in mobile entertainment for both the corporate [and] weddings,” Brigss said of his family-owned business, Good Vibrations Mobile DJs.

But while he, his wife Jane, and their team of fellow disc jockeys provide excellent, energetic entertainment that is internationally acclaimed, it’s their connection with brides and grooms that sets them apart in the wedding world.

Good Vibrations Mobile DJ Mike Briggs at Bridal Spectacular bridal show

“We care,” Briggs said at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show. “We put ourselves into the shoes of the brides and grooms. … ‘What would we want if we were getting married today? And how would we do it?’ And that is how our philosophy has been built upon, based on people’s requirements and needs.”

Based on this philosophy, Briggs and his team are dedicated to delivering the best customer service and the ultimate wedding experience for each bride and groom. They form a connection with their customers, one that allows the bride and groom to know they’ll be well-cared for on their special day.

“The DJ … is something that people will talk about forever, either good or bad,” Briggs said. “We like to be on the good side ‘cause that’s where we are.”

For Briggs, being a DJ is about helping a bride and groom experience their special day in the best way possible. In addition to caring about his customers, he also determines to approach every wedding with a positive attitude and a refreshing perspective.

“When you watch a ceremony, you get teary-eyed every now and again because it’s like, ‘Oh, I remember when I did that,’” Briggs said.

Since Briggs married in England to his wife of 23 years, his experience gave him a deeper understanding of creating and maintaining an upbeat wedding environment.

“Our wedding started at noon, and it didn’t end until midnight,” Briggs said. “It was awesome—a whole day experience in England.”

Good Vibrations DJ booth at Las Vegas wedding
Good Vibrations brings their DJ equipment to you, no matter the venue.

As Good Vibrations Mobile DJs serve Las Vegas weddings, Briggs sincerely wants each couple to feel that same sense of excitement about their experience when they look back at their wedding days. To help create the most enjoyable atmosphere, Good Vibrations Mobile DJs provides three core services: DJ, emcee, and event director.

“Not only do we DJ, we emcee the entire event,” Briggs said. “Then we also coordinate with the facility or the establishment which they’re at. If it’s a backyard, then we’re going to work with the caterer. If we’re in a facility, we’re going to make sure the champagne gets poured out on time, or the food’s going to get done. So it’s all that coordination.”

With these extra elements included, Good Vibrations Mobile DJs alleviates stress for newlyweds, directs guests’ attention to special moments while maintaining the mood, and ensures all events are on schedule throughout the wedding.

“We pay attention to all the small details,” Briggs said.

Brides and grooms are free to focus on enjoying their special day, in shared moments with each other and guests.

“It’s fun!” Briggs said of the wedding experience. “It’s seeing a bride and groom get married or seeing everybody having a good time—that’s what makes us have such a great time. Our energy is given to them. It’s fun to watch.”

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With such a positive outlook on the wedding experience, their work, and their connections with brides and grooms, Good Vibrations Mobile DJs gives brides and grooms access to an energetic team with professional skills to bring a party to life.

“We’re just having a great time creating memories one occasion at a time,” Briggs said. “It’s like I tell all the brides: Experience the difference.”

Brides, experience the difference with Good Vibrations Mobile DJs. Discover their caring customer service, their professionalism, and their eagerness to give you the best wedding experience. For a lively disc jockey who can successfully make your wedding ceremony and reception all you dreamed, please call Mike and Jane Briggs at (702) 438-8091.

For more information about additional Las Vegas mobile DJs, please visit Bridal Spectacular’s official website and view available wedding services for brides and grooms.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian; Good Vibrations Mobile DJs