At my Las Vegas wedding, my wedding cake topper of a groom kissing his bride made a quick exit from the cake before the reception started. In the summer heat, the buttercream frosting started to melt. Soon the heavy porcelain topper slid from its perch on the top tier to fall to the tabletop. Fortunately an observant guest, a former CSI agent, brought his A-Game to the wedding. In a deft motion, he scooped that topper from the table and plunged the little bride and groom knee-deep into the top layer of cake.

Wedding cakes are a focal point of weddings. Decide your design, from the base to the top.

So I’m told.

I didn’t notice until I saw the official wedding photographs.  The little porcelain bride and groom had icing pasted across their right side, and they were celebrating their marriage in a mire of red velvet. It looked a little funny, to say the least. But I guess that’s what I get for placing the topper on the cake myself.

Brides, a wedding cake is integral to any wedding. Your groom and you will cut the cake as husband and wife. Your guests will spend time admiring it during the cocktail hour. Your photographer will capture it at least a dozen times. As a result, make sure your wedding cake is worthy of being a focal point. Partner with a Las Vegas wedding cake professional for the design, from the base to the topper.

But before you visit a Las Vegas wedding bakery, go beyond the cake itself. Consider what you’d like in a topper as the final accent and finishing touch.  To do this, view today’s wedding planning tips to choose a wedding cake topper.

1.  Consider your wedding cake’s décor. Will your wedding cake be traditional or modern in style? Do you prefer elaborate or simple? Consider the structure, design, and features that make your wedding cake unique. This may include: ribbon, icing, colors, embellishments, tiers, shape, etc. Then look for a topper that will complement these elements.

This Las Vegas bride topped her Asian-inspired cake with keepsake love birds.

2.  Define your goal: Edible or keepsake? If you plan to repurpose your cake topper as a timeless keepsake or part of home décor (maybe placed on your fireplace mantle or bedroom bookshelf), then choose a material that won’t erode. Consider porcelain, brass, or well-constructed plastic. On the flip side, if you want your cake to purely be amazing morsels of tasty goodness, then limit your options to edible toppers. Skip real flowers; instead try floral arrangements of sugar, icing, or fondant.

3.  Think symbolism. Would you rather have your cake look as pretty as possible, or would you like it to say something about your relationship with your groom? While both options are acceptable, you do need to decide what you prefer. For cake toppers to accent the overall décor, choose fresh fruits, monograms with your joint initials, representative shapes (like hearts or wedding bells), or flowers that complement your bouquet or centerpieces. For a more personal touch, top the cake with bride and groom figurines that display your personality traits. Riding a motorcycle together? Madly in love? Side by side? Whether you’re silly or solemn, reflect your relationship.

Bride and Groom riding a motorcycle_Cake Topper
Whatever your style, display your bride and groom relationship.

4.  Ask a professional. To ensure your cake topper stays in place, ask a professional to place it on your cake. Select a topper through your bakery, and include it in your cake order. If you choose to find your own topper elsewhere, then deliver your topper to the bakery by the requested date. Don’t be late. This will give them time to plan sturdy placing and achieve a cohesive appearance for your wedding cake.

Now, brides and grooms, find a topper that fits your style, complements the wedding cake, and will actually stay in place. With a professional to create the cake and affix the topper properly, you’ll be free to focus on the perfect wedding cake cutting. Share your first dessert as husband and wife by gently placing a scrumptious cake piece into each other’s mouths … or, you know, going for a good-natured cake smash! Oops, did that slip?

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian © 2011