“Recognize this beat?” I said and looked across the dinner table on the second night of my San Diego, California honeymoon.

“Yep.” My husband extended his hand toward me. “Wanna dance?”

I nodded and grabbed his hand, pushed away my chair, and stepped with him to the wooden dance floor.

Make memories for your first dance.

Las Vegas brides, the music that played that night wasn’t the same song my groom and I danced to for our Las Vegas wedding. But it did have the same beat. Since we’d taken time to learn steps to an East Coast Swing, we’ve had the opportunity to apply our dance moves again and again, whenever we’ve found the right rhythm.

My groom would tell you he isn’t a natural dancer. Sure, he likes music. But he’d rather be the guy with the guitar than the man with moves on the dance floor.

That’s why our first dance at our wedding remains so important. It represents the dedication he made to work through a routine with me. It’s his passion to show he loves me. It’s his willingness to “put himself out there,” as he says, even before a crowd of people.

Because he learned those dance moves, those are the steps he feels comfortable with at a dance. So while we sit tight on the sidelines for most songs, the swing music brings him to his feet. He’ll dance with me. Just like he did on our wedding night.

Las Vegas brides, I’d like to encourage you to learn dance steps for your wedding as well. Whether your style is Swing or Tango or Waltz or Nightclub, partner with a professional dance instructor who can help you choose moves to match your music. As you and your groom learn steps and practice in private for your first dance debut, remember to keep in mind these reasons for motivation.

Share a special, intimate moment on the dance floor.
  1. You’ll grow closer to each other.
  2. You’ll entertain the wedding guests.
  3. You’ll further personalize your wedding.
  4. You’ll pursue a common hobby.
  5. You’ll make memories worth cherishing.

Las Vegas brides, encourage your grooms to learn dance steps with you. Together you can decide if you’d like a completely choreographed dance or if you’d prefer to learn a set of steps that you can string together on a whim. Whichever you prefer, remember to exercise patience, let him lead, and praise his progress instead of criticize his flaws. Then with a professional dance teacher to guide the way, you and your groom will cultivate a deeper relationship and create a custom first dance you and your guests will always remember.

If you’re still looking for a place to take dance lessons, please visit Bridal Spectacular’s website for our quick list of Las Vegas dance instructors. Also, feel free to explore the “Vegas Wedding Tips: Dance” category and more sections of this blog for additional tips as you plan your Las Vegas weddings.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: first image by Jamison Frady, second image by Allyson Siwajian