Every day at 11:11 a.m. Heidi makes a wish. Today on 11/11/11, one of her greatest wishes will come true. Through nonprofit organization Wish Upon a Wedding, today Heidi will marry her fiancé Billy in a wedding to remember.

While many couples will tie the knot on this special day, Billy and Heidi’s vows share a special solemnity as well as perseverant hope. For over a year, Billy has battled cancer. What began as squamos cell carcinoma on the base of his tongue has spread to tumors in his lungs’ lining and cancer throughout his bloodstream. But throughout this difficult season, Billy has remained strong and Heidi has remained steadfastly at his side.

Wish Upon a Wedding's Billy and Heidi hug and smile at camera
Meet Billy and Heidi.

“We are always there for each other, no matter what,” Billy said in an interview with Wish Upon a Wedding. “The last year and a half of our lives has not been easy. We still want to be together after all of this craziness.”

Heidi also sees a bright future together. “When he sets his mind to something, he accomplishes it,” she said.

With this hope for the future, perseverance in the past, and profound unconditional love in the present, their celebration today is all the more heartwarming.

Today Heidi and Billy will be wed at Las Vegas’ Platinum Hotel, supported by Heidi’s two encouraging daughters, family, friends, and a host of Las Vegas wedding professionals who have donated resources to make this event possible at no cost to Heidi and Billy.

“So many awesome wish granters came together to make this happen on one of the busiest wedding days of the year,” Debra Hansen, Bridal Spectacular producer and Wish Upon a Wedding supporter, said.

That’s the beauty of Wish Upon a Wedding, which provides complimentary weddings to brides and grooms who endure life-altering circumstances. In situations where couples face mounting medical bills, financial burdens, and emotional stress, Wish Upon a Wedding gathers local professionals to stand together and recognize the power of a couple’s love story.

Billy and Heidi embrace.
Wish Upon a Wedding seeks to help couples amidst life-altering circumstances achieve their dreams.

Despite difficulties, Billy and Heidi have stood side by side to support one another. Today, Wish Upon a Wedding has brought people to stand beside these two as they stand by each other—to encourage them, to support them, to acknowledge their sacrifices for love, and to grant their wedding wishes.

“I see the future with Heidi (and her girls) beside me, no matter what,” Billy said.

Heidi and Billy, we celebrate with you today. Congratulations on your beautiful marriage!  We wish you all the best, and we believe in your future together as a family who takes risks and makes commitments for love. May you be blessed just as you have greatly blessed us by letting us share in your story.

To learn more about Wish Upon a Wedding Las Vegas, please view our blog article “Las Vegas wedding professionals help couples with terminal illnesses at Wish Upon a Wedding” or visit the official website for Wish Upon a Wedding.

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Special thanks to: Wish Upon a Wedding, wish granters, and the authors of “Strong People with Strong Minds—Heidi and Billy’s Love Story” on Wish Upon a Wedding’s blog site.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Karen Nichols Photography