When I want more information about an event, I always go to its website. See a billboard for a show? Go to the website. Want reviews on a movie? Visit a website. Trying to figure out what “white tie event” means? Yep, you guessed it; I search online and look through websites.

TheKnot.com _ layout options for a wedding website
Many hosts, like TheKnot.com, let each bride choose her favorite colors and layout.

Brides, with technology at our fingertips and the widespread use of the Internet, it’s time we start using websites for our own special events. Through helpful planning sites, like TheKnot.com and WeddingWire.com, you can now create your own URL for a website filled with your wedding information.

With its easy-to-navigate design and customization opportunities, you’ll experience a whole host of benefits for your Las Vegas weddings. Want to know what these benefits include? Read today’s five reasons to start your wedding website and share it with guests.

1. Share important information with guests.

While your wedding invitations announce the wedding’s date, time, and location, guests still need many more important details before they book a flight to Vegas. With a wedding website, you can list those extras, including hotel accommodations, recommended activities, and directions to the venue. Now guests have all this important information in one location, with no chance of losing a small slip of paper.

2. Save money, save trees.

Be a budget-conscious bride with style! Rather than pay to print small cards to include with your invites, post event details and guest information on your website. Then use the money you saved to purchase your ideal invitations. Simply include the link to your wedding website on the actual invite. With less paper stuffed into your invitation envelope, you’ll save money on stamps and take pride in reducing your paper consumption.

3. List your registries.

While many brides include their registry information with invitations for guests’ convenience, this approach has been known to upset a few traditional guests who would rather not be bluntly told where to spend their money. Save yourself the trouble, and spare any offense. Simply list your registries on your wedding website. Then you’ll provide this useful information to interested guests, without upsetting anyone planning to attend.

4. RSVP online.

If your guests spend more time online than they do making trips to the snail mail box, then consider adding an option for online RSVPs. You’ll save guests the stress of needing to reply with traditional postage, and your completed head count won’t be dependent on the Post Office’s delivery. Of course, you won’t have to worry about being responsible for losing any returned RSVP cards either.

WeddingWire.com _ personal wedding website demo for Sara and Nick
Some planning sites, like WeddingWire.com, even let brides add songs to play as guests view their websites.

5. Be more personal.

While a wedding website accomplishes several practical tasks, it also gives each guest a glimpse into your wedding’s personality. Share your groom’s and your love story. Post photographs of the proposal. Include a link to your venue’s website, and give guests insight on why your wedding party members are so meaningful. Let guests to engage with you and your groom in a personal, inviting way that’s only made possible by your own bridal website.

Brides, would you like to start a website for your wedding? Then visit WeddingWire.com or TheKnot.com, and establish a personal bridal account to begin.

For further information about online resources, please view Bridal Spectacular’s website for a list of Las Vegas Wedding Information and Resources.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: TheKnot.com and WeddingWire.com