Through creative artistry and a high-quality technical approach, Kristen Hansen of Las Vegas’ KMH Photography offers brides and grooms an intimate documentary style for their Las Vegas wedding photography. KMH Photography, which reflects Hansen’s initials, focuses on each couple in their natural form. Without staged shots or too many posed pictures, brides and grooms have come to love Hansen for her ability to showcase their story in a way that truly reflects their personal style.

Military groom and bride kiss
KMH Photography

“I take a high-quality approach to creative documentary style,” Hansen said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show. “I try to capture more of the memories … things that they’re going to look back on and feel emotional about years from now.”

To capture this sense of nostalgia and the emotions throughout the wedding day, Hansen uses her camera to record each special moment without interfering.

“I want to make sure she enjoys it, and she isn’t thinking that she’s getting her picture taken,” Hansen said. “Just thinking that she’s enjoying her wedding day.”

To ensure the bride can enjoy her wedding day with no worries, Hansen always meets with the bride in advance. Together, they discuss what the bride can expect for her photography. Then, empowered with knowledge of the details, the bride will feel more comfortable as she allows Hansen to seamlessly photograph her special day.

“I like to help the bride plan her photography,” Hansen said. “Then once the [wedding] day starts happening, I don’t want to interfere with her process.”

As Hansen helps alleviate any pre-wedding pressure and gives the bride free-reign at her wedding, Hansen and the bride and groom establish a comfortable working relationship. This allows them to be natural on camera, a feature continually displayed in KMH Photography’s images.

dry lake bed engagement shoot
KMH Photography

“I definitely like to form a bond and a relationship with my couples,” Hansen said. “Engagement sessions are perfect for that.”

Through an engagement session, a bride and groom are introduced to KMH Photography’s style before their wedding day.

“I do some posed shots where they’re looking at the camera,” Hansen said. “Then I tell them to just act like I wasn’t there, like they were just walking down the street, hand in hand, feeling good about themselves, being happy.”

With these warm instructions, brides and grooms can do just that.

“They don’t feel awkward,” Hansen said about an engaged couple’s response to her photography style. “They’re just enjoying it.”

Whether a couple chooses to be photographed at a dry lake bed, the Strip, Lake Las Vegas, Mt. Charleston, or another unique location, every bride and groom are pleased with KMH Photography’s natural approach and creative style.

KMH Photography

“They want to feel like the shots really embody their relationship, their personalities,” Hansen said.

From the engagement shoot to the wedding day, KMH Photography seeks to create images that will reflect personalization and beauty through a documentary style.

“Everybody wants to feel graceful and perfect on their wedding day,” Hansen said. “I try to take that into account in everything I do…. I want to make sure that the bride looks as she feels that day.”

KMH Photography displays a care for clients and a genuine desire to paint each couple in their best light. She captures the emotions, crafts an artistic image, and ensures that everyone feels comfortable and worry-free. At KMH Photography, it’s not just about the photographs. It’s about the moment, the memory, and the intimacy of the experience for every bride and groom.

Share the experience with KMH Photography! Choose to work with Kristen Hansen, a wedding photographer dedicated to giving each bride the high-quality attention she deserves at an affordable rate. For more information, please visit KMH Photography’s website or contact Kristen Hansen by e-mail at [email protected].

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Kristen Hansen of KMH Photography