“As soon you as you know you’re getting married, the first thing you want to do is start looking for your bridal dress,” Alicia Fernandez, store manager of Alfred Angelo Bridal’s Henderson location, said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

For over 77 years, brides have relied on Alfred Angelo Bridal to find the perfect wedding dress for the perfect day. With a unique collection of bridal gowns, affordable prices, and excellent customer service, Alfred Angelo Bridal salons allow any brides find the right fits for their Las Vegas weddings.

Alfred Angelo A-line gown from 2011's Sapphire Collection
Alfred Angelo encourages each bride to customize her dress to fit her style.

“We’re unique in the fact that we actually make the dress for you,” Fernandez said of Alfred Angelo Bridal. “Everything in store is special order. It’s not a buy-off-the-rack store, so we actually make the dress perfect and made for you.”

Since each gown is made specifically to fit each woman’s figure, every bride is also offered personalization options for her particular gown.

“You have color options, dimension options, corset or zipper back options,” Fernandez said. “There’s just a lot of different things that we could do to customize your dress.”

With Alfred Angelo Bridal’s emphasis on customization, brides are free to display their personalities in their bridal choices more than ever before.

“Right now people are so different,” Fernandez said.

In recognition of this diversity, Alfred Angelo offers a wide variety of collections, dress designs, and silhouettes. From short, slim dresses for destination weddings to full-skirted ballgowns for traditional ceremonies, Alfred Angelo seeks to cater to every style of bride.

Alfred Angelo's Tiana gown for Disney Fairy Tale Collection
Disney's Fairy Tale Collection offers dresses for iconic princesses.

“We find you the dress of your dreams,” Fernandez said.

Also available only at Alfred Angelo Bridal is the Fairy Tale Wedding Collection, designed to reflect one of Disney’s eight princesses.

“Alfred Angelo is the only [bridal] designer right now to work with Disney,” Fernandez said. “They’re actually coming out with anniversary dresses too. … They’re going to be making different versions of the dresses from different parts of the [Disney princess] movies.”

No matter a bride’s favorite style, Alfred Angelo also aims to benefit a budget-conscious bride through their breathtaking but affordable dresses.

“A lot of people think our dresses are expensive because they’re so used to ‘Say Yes to the Dress,’” Fernandez said. “But we’re really affordable. Our dresses range from about $297-$3,000.”

In addition to affordable gowns, Alfred Angelo Bridal also offers brides an exceptional experience through their renowned customer service.

“We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable,” Fernandez said. “You come in, we’re welcoming. We give you a tour of our store. We let you know how everything works, so you have a heads-up on the whole process.”

Alfred Angelo_knee length wedding dress with red belt
Alfred Angelo bridal specialists guide brides to find their favorite style and fit.

Then to better this process even further, Alfred Angelo continues to cater to brides through their appointment to try on their wedding dresses.

“We have everything for you,” Fernandez said. “We have undergarments. We have shoes, everything for you to wear.”

Through this preferential treatment and their assistance in gown selection, Alfred Angelo Bridal gives brides all the resources they need to make their best selections for their wedding days.

With numerous locations across the Las Vegas valley, customizable gowns from unique collections, and consistent high standards, Alfred Angelo remains one of Las Vegas brides’ first choices in their wedding gown searches.

“There’s always a way for us to get you the dress of your dreams,” Fernandez said, “no matter where you are.”

For more information, please visit Alfred Angelo Bridal’s official website. To schedule a bridal gown appointment with Alicia Fernandez and her team, please call her Henderson store at 702-433-4579. Or to schedule an appointment at the N. Rainbow location, please call (702) 648-6838.

Finally, for further options for Las Vegas bridal salons and wedding dress stores, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Alfred Angelo, as seen on their bridal website