On September 4, 2011, philanthropist and fashion designer Lauren Bush married David Lauren of Polo Ralph Lauren apparel. But for two people with such high-profile statuses in the fashion world, these two couldn’t be more down-to-earth. Married at Double RL Ranch in Ridgway, Colorado, this couple united amidst elegance, rustic influence, and Old West inspiration.

Las Vegas brides, I think we could learn a thing or two from this happy couple. From their wedding to their relationship, let’s a take a look at how the new Mrs. Lauren Bush-Lauren set the tone for a wedding focused on family, natural inspiration, and the personal touch.

Bride Lauren Bush rides in a horse-drawn carriage, driven by an Old West cowboy
Bride Lauren Bush rides in a horse-drawn carriage, driven by a cowboy at Double RL Ranch.

Keep it Real

Rather than a wed in the height of New York glamor, Lauren and David returned to their roots. Since Lauren spent her childhood in Colorado and David’s family owns Double RL Ranch in Ridgway, a wedding amidst the Rockies proved to be perfect. With spacious skies, glorious scenery, an antique barn, and an Old West horse-drawn carriage for the bride, their venue exuded exactly what they wanted. “Rustic elegance,” Lauren told Vogue Magazine. “You could put out paper plates and confetti, and it would be gorgeous,” she said with a smile, “but we didn’t quite do that.”

Be Confident, Even in your Quirks

Lauren knows who she is. As a confident woman, she incorporated personal style and a nod to her surroundings for her special day. Her bridesmaids wore vintage prairie skirts with white linen blouses. Like her bridesmaids, the bride also wore cowboy boots, hidden beneath her Victorian gown. Then for a little more pizzazz, she complemented these with a quirky combination.  “I wore blue socks,” Lauren said with a laugh.

Lauren Bush and David Lauren in wedding portrait
Bride Lauren Bush and groom David Lauren display their romantic wedding attire.

Give the Family a Say

Despite being a fashion designer herself, Lauren shared the bridal gown design experience with her father-in-law. “It was really special to work with David’s dad, to see him in action with his team,” Lauren said. The Ralph Lauren-designed gown wasn’t the only family involvement. Lauren and David also included their families through their family-owned venue, their menu, and their excitement at a video sent by the bride’s paternal grandparents who couldn’t attend due to health concerns. “They sent a wonderful video,” David said, and Lauren agreed.

Respect his Religion

While Lauren didn’t convert to Judaism, she understands the importance of respecting her groom’s Jewish beliefs. As a result, they married in a Sunday ceremony in Jewish tradition. Lauren also participated in Rosh Hashanah services with her husband, and she took time to learn Jewish customs. “It is important to David,” Lauren said. Likewise, David respects his wife’s convictions. Since Lauren is a vegetarian, David also refused meat and ensured vegetarian dishes were served in addition to steaks at their reception.

Lauren and David's marriage reflects genuine love and personal connection.

Remember it’s about the Marriage

With only 200 guests (that’s a small gathering for such high-profile people), Lauren and David were able to focus on what mattered most: their marriage. “The wedding ritual is very solidifying,” Lauren said. For a couple already so grounded—with seven years together and calm retreats with friends for the respective bachelor party and girls pre-wedding getaway—David and Lauren’s wedding displayed a love that surpassed fleeting passion for a steadfastness that will continue to grow. “From the first time we met we had a real connection,” David said, “but that night we looked at each other and said, ‘We are family now.’ That’s a pretty amazing moment in your life.”

Lauren and David, thanks for reminding us about the reason for our own Las Vegas weddings. We wish you the best, and may you enjoy many joyful years together!

Written by: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs by: Mark Seliger, Norman Jean Ray, and Bruce Weber

Quotes, images, and information courtesy of Vogue’s article “Western Union: Lauren Bush and David Lauren’s Wedding” by William Norwich