Looking for affordable, high-quality images with a trustworthy, flexible photographer for your Las Vegas weddings? Then look no further, Las Vegas brides. Dave Lite Photography hosts many years of photography experience, a collection of Bride’s Choice awards, and a genuine care for their clients.

“Our passion for taking care of the bride, the groom, the couple, and their family for their wedding experience is what drives us,” Jeff Lite, photographer and co-owner of Dave Lite Photography, said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

bride beneath elegant bridge
Photo by Dave Lite Photography

Son to Dave Lite of Dave Lite Photography, Jeff Lite has seen his father’s wedding photography transform, grow, and succeed throughout the past 17 years. After Dave retired from a successful career of photography, sales, and media within the California newspaper industry, he decided to appropriate his skills to wedding photography. Soon, Dave moved to Nevada to join Jeff in Las Vegas. Together, they founded a photography business in, as Jeff said, “the Wedding Mecca of the World.”

Together, Dave and Jeff form a dedicated team that provides high-quality photographs, excellent experiences, and complete satisfaction to every bride and groom.

“When a couple really looks at wedding photography, it’s the only thing that’s going to endure their lifetime,” Jeff said. “It has to be good. We pride ourselves on providing that type of passion, so the bride and groom have the confidence that their finished product will last them their lifetime.”

While Dave Lite Photography offers excellent imagery to last lifetimes, these photographers aren’t rigid in their styles. Rather, they adapt to reflect the style of each couple and fit the tone of every wedding they photograph.

couple kissing in the street
Photo by Dave Lite Photography

“Every couple is different,” Jeff said. “Dave Lite Photography’s style is what the bride and groom’s style is. We have been with brides and grooms that are very formal, that are military wedding, all the way to they got married in their shorts and flip-flops on the beach or even here in a venue in Las Vegas. We adjusted and adapted to their style.”

As flexible photographers, Dave Lite Photography displays their care for customers even more. They desire for a bride and groom to feel calm, confident, and comfortable on their wedding day.

“We’re going to be spending some rather intimate moments together,” Jeff said. “The first kiss, crying during the ceremony, exchanging their vows—I’m right there. So it’s very important that they have a comfort level with me.”

When the couple is comfortable, the bride and groom’s personalities, quirks, and passions are visible throughout the photographs. These images then create a true depiction of their wedding day.

“It’s very important to capture their story,” Jeff said.

To better capture each couple’s story, Dave Lite Photography believes in natural photography that isn’t heavily altered through electronic software.

excited bride and groom
Photo by Dave Lite Photography

“What’s very unique about Dave Lite Photography is most of our photography is au naturel,” Jeff said and pointed to a nearby bridal portrait display. “Yeah, we … cropped it and cleaned it up a little bit. But we didn’t create the picture with a piece of software on a computer. The pictures are what they are, and I see that as very important.”

Dave Lite Photography seeks to capture moments as they happen and portray them in all their natural beauty just as they are. This lends genuineness to their approach, and it gives each couple the calming assurance their love story will accurately be told.

“We’re there to take care of you,” Jeff said.

To experience this level of commitment, customer care, and excellent imagery, contact Dave Lite Photography for your wedding. Visit their website for more information, or call their team at 702-228-8080.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Dave Lite Photography