Red roses may be the universal symbol for love, but that doesn’t mean brides can’t choose other floral combinations for their bridal bouquets. At Enchanted Florist, a local floral design business known for floral décor from fabulous to funky, brides are encouraged to display their personalities with their wedding flowers. And, yes, this does mean all the wedding flowers.

Las Vegas brides, open your minds to possibilities beyond reception table centerpieces and aisle runners. Think about how you’ll express yourself with your bridal bouquet! As subtle self-expression, the bridal bouquet complements your bridal attire, establishes a mood, and gives guests a glimpse of your personality. Allow it speak volumes without saying a word.

To kick-start your creative juices, view these samples from Enchanted Florist as seen in Bridal Spectacular’s Inspiration Avenue. Designed to expand the imagination, these four displays and bridal bouquets will give you a small peek into the creative minds at Enchanted Florist, where every floral design is customized to each bride.

Plush Hemp

With its muted color palette, tall wheatgrass, and dainty lovebirds, this style embodies the natural elements of life.

What Enchanted Florist has to say: “The natural tones and lines of this set [are] a very romantic way to express your inner flower child.”

bridal bouquet of yellow flowers, sage, leaves, and yellow calla lilies with red tips

If you’re a natural bride with a carefree spirit, then express yourself with colors found in nature, like marigold yellow, grass green, sage, and deep red. To complete the outdoor aura, include greenery (leaves, grasses, etc.) in your bouquet along with your favorite flowers.


Enchanted Florist calls this display “GaGa,” so gaga for it! With bold swirls, popping colors, and vibrant flowers, this style represents bright brides who thrive on fun and the unexpected.

What Enchanted Florist has to say: “This is an explosion of experimental color, texture, and flower combination. This is where the art of floral design meets visual form.”

As a non-conforming bride, give your bridal appearance a shocking sense of color and intrigue with this bouquet’s unique floral design of vivacious flowers and a side of rock candy.

Don’t forget to jazz up your groom’s appearance to coordinate with your fresh, fun-loving flowers. For his boutonniere, try a single rose that features multiple bright colors.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith display table with white, black, silver and green

Stay simple and committed with a sleek, polished style in a monochromatic color scheme.

What Enchanted Florist has to say: “This minimalistic styling of white Calla Lilies with black accents summons Grace Kelly and Cary Grant.”

white calla lily bouquet with black wrap band

With your classic taste, try a suave, simple arrangement with only one type of flower in light, white, or neutral tones. Polish this with a basic band in a contrasting color.

Lanvin Paris

Lanvin Paris table display with Audrey Hepburn photo

Embrace the glamor and passion of Paris with floral designs that reflect rich romance and avant-garde fashion.

What Enchanted Florist has to say: “Only one word can describe these glorious flowers. That word is ‘couture’!”

red rose bouquet with rhinestone wrap

Be a hopeful romantic who holds timeless red roses paired with full-bloom flowers in a complementary shade. Then bring the bling with a rhinestone wrap to give you that glorious sense of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You’re worth it!

Brides, this is only a small sample of what Enchanted Florist can create. If you’ve been inspired to think outside the box, then contact the Enchanted Florist team at 702-731-2656 to explain your wedding vision and receive a free quote for their custom creations.

For information on additional Las Vegas wedding florists, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian  © 2011

Photographs: Adam Frazier of Artistic Imaging, Allyson Siwajian of Bridal Spectacular, Chris and Alicia Purdum of Orange Soda Photo