“Love is the reason for living,” Ella Gagiano, owner and photographer of Ella Gagiano Photography, said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

Filled with veracity and her flourishing spirit, this youthful wedding photographer believes in the power of love to give life, to bring joy, and to share with everyone on this earth a reason for life. Together with her husband Jason, she now seeks to photograph couples for their own wedding days, giving them imagery that shares their stories, their beautiful reasons for living.

Meet Jason Neistadt and Ella Gagiano.

Just over one year ago, Ella journeyed from her home in South Africa to the United States to begin a Las Vegas wedding photography business that was founded on high-quality artistry, technical skill, and intimate elegance. But beginning a business wasn’t her only reason for moving to the Wedding Capital of the World. Rather, Ella Gagiano Photography’s beginnings are much more romantic, displaying a long-term vision, passion, and commitment that continues to this day.

“I’m from Africa. He’s from America,” Ella said of her newlywed husband. “Opposite sides of the world.”

But love brought this couple together. On a Caribbean cruise, Ella met Jason Neistadt, a Las Vegas entertainer known for comedy and voice impressions. After a dating period that solidified their connection, Ella decided to join Jason in the U.S.  Together, they founded Ella Gagiano Photography, using her 12 years of professional photography experience and his knack for computer techniques and the creative edge. Now almost one year after their winter wedding, Ella and Jason are dedicated to living life to its fullest and to photographing fellow brides and grooms who are doing exactly that.

bride and groom dancing_birds eye view
Ella Gagiano Photography

“I love weddings,” Ella said. “I mean, you photograph people on the happiest days of their lives.”

To complement her enthusiasm for each bride and groom she photographs, Ella also aims to deliver high-quality images that properly reflect each couple’s love story.

“Every person is unique,” Ella said. “So we don’t just shoot a bride so every bride looks the same. You play with the angles. … We’re all different, so we make sure that every woman looks amazing.”

To ensure each couple is best depicted in their photographs, Ella and Jason often meet with their clients in advance.

“I like to meet people beforehand, to have coffee with them,” Ella said. “I always like to also shoot, say, engagement photos with them beforehand. … It’s really good because then you can obviously get to know them. They get to know you. So by the time it’s the wedding, people are relaxed. They love your photos. They love your style. They trust you.”

couple at elegant engagement shoot
Ella Gagiano Photography

With that established trust, a bride and groom are free to relax on their wedding day and to know that every detail of their special day will be captured and preserved for their lifetimes.

“With photography, you’re responsible for that one day for the rest of their lives,” Ella said. “We’ll make sure everything is perfect.”

To do this, Ella often likes to have herself and one of her second photographers on site.

“Most people, nowadays, they want lifestyle [photographs]. Just whatever happens. People are laughing and fun. So the greatest thing is to have the combination of two photographers to do that,” Ella said.

While Jason often participates as a second photographer for portraiture and photojournalism, he also supports Ella through technical nuances. This includes several items within their photography packages, from photograph editing to slideshow DVDs to hosted online galleries.

Beautiful Indian bride
Ella Gagiano Photography

“Once we take the photos, [the bride and groom] can go off on their honeymoon and everybody gets to see their photos online with a password,” Jason said of the galleries. “All their friends can go right to it.  That’s all on our website.”

With these useful features in place, both local and destination brides can easily share their wedding experiences with friends, coworkers, or extended family. Even in the details, Ella Gagiano Photography demonstrates a desire for people to share their love stories and to invite others to participate in their lives.

“People are always getting married because they love each other,” Ella said. “It’s our theme, the principles behind what we believe in. It’s all about love.”

With a tangible love for each other and their work, Ella and Jason have graced the wedding industry with a revived spirit and genuine appreciation for the couples who come to them for photography.

“I’m happy. I’m really happy!” Gagiano said. “I’m blessed to have moved to Las Vegas. That was a big step for me. But I’m blessed.”

intimate moment with couple kissing
Ella Gagiano Photography

And, Las Vegas brides, we are a town that’s blessed to have them.

For more information about Ella Gagiano Photography, please visit their website or call their team at (702) 340-5505.

For more information on additional Las Vegas wedding photography businesses, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian  © 2011

Photographs: Ella Gagiano Photography (as seen on their website)

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