Yesterday, I had the pleasure of trying on a dress with pockets! Now previously I’ve been a bit opposed to pockets in my gowns. I had figured that pockets in a dress would operate like pockets in skinny jeans—Put something in that pocket and it’s blatantly obvious.

This bridesmaid dress features pockets!

However, brides, I am proud to report that wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses are much better at concealing objects through their well-sewn pockets, conveniently hidden by skirt pleats and waist ruching. Now I’m sure that if I decided to carry a dictionary in my dress, it would show in the silhouette. But when a bride decides to only carry a few, small items in her pockets, it won’t be visible at all.

So what’s pocket-proof? After my experience yesterday at a bridal store, I’d like to share just how helpful a dress with pockets can actually be! For both brides and bridesmaids, take a look at the tiny items you can conceal in your pockets to tactfully use throughout your Las Vegas weddings.

#1. Lip gloss: Oh yeah! Whether you like a clear chap stick, a subtle shimmer gloss, or a matte lipstick, this will fit in your pocket. Now you’re ready for reapplication at any moment to keep your bridal beauty looking fresh, gorgeous, and absolutely radiant.

#2. Driver’s License: If you’re like me, you always get carded at the bar. Have your identification on hand without having to rifle through your purse. Just be sure your pockets are deep enough, or you’ll lose your card during the dancing.

#3. Bobby Pins: For hair care touch-ups throughout the evening, keep bobby pins in your pockets. You’ll be able to quickly fix a flyaway hair without holding up the camera crew.

#4. Under-eye Concealer: Trust me, you’ll need it after all those tears during the ceremony. Slip a slim, sealed tube of this nifty make-up into your pocket, so you can touch up without having to retrieve your entire cosmetics bag.

#5. Compact Mirror: Why make a trip to the restroom when you can quickly check your appearance with a compact mirror? If you do see a major make-up meltdown, you can make a quick exit to the restroom to fix it. Just don’t use your compact case too often. You don’t want to look vain, even if it is your perfect day.

#6. Safety Pins: This is one item that everybody always needs, and yet nobody can ever find them. Be prepared, brides, and ask a bridesmaid to stick these helpful tools in her pocket. Then you’ll know exactly where to turn in case of a wardrobe malfunction.

#7. Friction Block: With easy access to this miracle cube, you can protect your feet from blisters caused by unforgiving shoes. Simply step off the dance floor and reapply throughout the night. Then there’s no need to remove your shoes (or blister, frankly) for the reception dancing and all of its candid photos.

bride and groom at the altar
This Vegas bride tactfully carried her cell phone in her gown's well-hidden pockets.

#8. Cell Phone: If you love your phone, then silence the ringer and slip it into your pocket. But if your attachment might tempt you to become the next “Texting Down the Aisle Bride,” then don’t bring it with you. Instead, give your groom a watch to wear for timing. Or better yet, let your emcee and event director handle the scheduling, so you and your groom can experience a worry-free wedding!

Tips for Pocket Gowns: Brides, once you find the perfect pocket gown, do a trial-run. Ask someone to take an honest look and let you know if they can see what you’re carrying. If your much needed items are too big for your pockets, no worries. Simply carry what you can, and purchase a stylish clutch purse to carry the rest of your wedding day necessities.

Lastly, brides, remember the true reason for pockets in a dress. They are a simple way to store small items, not a place for you to constantly rest your hands. Stay elegant, regal, modern, and chic in your pocket gown with secret storage compartments that lets no one be the wiser!

Author: Allyson Siwajian  © 2011

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian of Bridal Spectacular, Lorenz Crespo of LorenzFoto Weddings

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  1. yes, Allyson! great thoughts & ideas here. here’s another option, which is one that allows gals not to HAVE to choose a gown with pockets, but rather select ANY gown they like & simply add pockets with NO work/sewing/effort. PLUS they get to use the pockets way past the big day, too. PortaPocket is your solution. My patented problem-solver is uber comfy & convenient…you almost forget it’s even there. Wrap around thigh or calf under a gown (works on ankle, arm & waist, too)…pockets are detachable & interchangeable. Ideal for honeymoon…bridesmaids’ gifts, too! NEW fancy/sparkly *bling!* styles coming SOON! glam it up while being smart. fits IDs, cash, cards, keys, cell phones, passports, cameras, medical devices, more. Lose the worry…not your stuff. come see! 🙂

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