Viva Las Vegas! With worldwide recognition, Las Vegas has been declared the most popular wedding location in the United States and the second most popular wedding location in the world for 2011! Brides, that’s a big achievement. We’re talking hotter than Hawaii, snazzier than NYC, more elegant than Europe, and bigger than the Bahamas—or anywhere in the Caribbean, for that matter.

So how did Las Vegas reach one of the top slots (yes, pun definitely intended)? Today, take a look at what this city can offer any brides and grooms who are interested in Las Vegas weddings.

Discover what awaits in Las Vegas.

1. Guest Guarantee:  Everybody knows about Las Vegas! When a bride and groom announce their nuptials in this famous city, guests are more enticed to attend, knowing the level of entertainment that awaits them.

2. Cheap Airfare: As a tourist hot spot, Vegas keep costs low for airway travelers. Since guests won’t have to spend as much money to journey to Vegas as other locations, they’ll have added incentive to attend.

3. Affordable Hotels: In addition, guests can find affordable hotel rooms. The best part: variety! From a cozy inn to an extravagant hotel and resort on the Strip, your guests can find options to best fit their budgets.

4. All-inclusive Packages: Wedding planning just became a lot less stress! Luxurious Vegas venues offer all-inclusive packages, which include every wedding planning detail in one reliable location for one price.

5. Vacation Atmosphere: Whether guests want to relax or party, Vegas hosts something for everyone. Guests can enjoy the wedding and other nights of their stays as well, thanks to a vacation environment surrounding the entire experience.

6. City Life, Nightlife, Drinks, and Gambling: From Broadway-style shows to nightclubs, bars to boutiques, casino gambling to fine-dining restaurants, the possibilities are endless! Everyone can enjoy the big-city life from any angle.

Las Vegas offers a variety of wedding locales, even beyond the city limits.

7. The Great Outdoors: Beyond the city limits, Las Vegas offers plenty of outdoor recreational activities for the bold bride, groom and guest. Hiking, rock climbing, skiing, biking, boating—it’s all available within a short drive.

8. Variety of Venues: Brides and grooms couldn’t find more options in one location anywhere else! Las Vegas gives a wide variety of venues, so each couple can find the perfect fit for their personal style—be it at a golf club, a wedding chapel, a dry lakebed, a lakeside resort, a five-diamond hotel, or a palatial mansion.

9. Professional Vendors: As “The Wedding Capital of the World,” Las Vegas is home to a wealth of professional vendors in every field of wedding planning. This gives brides and grooms access to excellent customer service, options for customization, and high-quality in all the details of their wedding days.

10. Easy Marriage License Process: To complete the allure of Vegas weddings, the legal process for marriage couldn’t be easier! Brides and grooms can simply stop by the Marriage Bureau, pay the $65 fee, show their I.D. and receive a marriage license with no complications. What a perfect way to finish a stress-free process!

Now that you know what has made Las Vegas weddings famous, I’m sure you still have one question: Which city claimed the top spot for most weddings in 2011? As a beautiful city with luxury hotels, historical roots, and a half-billion-dollar wedding industry, Istanbul, Turkey, is the winning location.

bride and groom dance in Turkey wedding
Istanbul, Turkey, takes the cake in 2011 for most weddings in one year.

As Istanbul draws many brides, grooms, and guests from Iran, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, and the Balkans for lavish ceremonies in luxurious locations, Las Vegas is learning to do the same. Now in addition to our city’s classic options and rock-and-roll flair, Vegas offers more opportunities with its own luxury weddings at high-class hotels, well-reviewed resorts, and most elegant venues.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian  © 2011

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