“We can go in any direction, from traditional to different and out of the box or even in the box,” Randi Garrett, owner of Las Vegas’ Naakiti Floral Design, said at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show.

With such diversity of style, Garrett and her team at Naakiti Floral Design don’t simply put together bouquets, aisle runners, archway décor, and reception table centerpieces. Rather, Naakiti Floral Design has their floral craft down to an art.

Custom creation by Naakiti Floral Design

“I love to decorate and add textures and just little things that make it pop, where you’ll just say, ‘Wow, I didn’t think about that,’” Garrett said.

With Naakiti Floral Design’s vast experience with both grand-scale events and intimate occasions, Garrett and her team provide an eye for color, a constant creativity, impeccable customer service, and characteristic style to their clients.

“We try to give something a little different, so the brides don’t see the same thing,” Garrett said.

While Naakiti Floral Design breathes life in their floral designs, their team also invites brides and grooms to explore their own direction for their weddings.

“There’s so much out there right now,” Garrett said. “I would say find your color. That’s the main thing for us because I can show you tons of different pictures that come in different colors.”

hot pink and black design
Custom creation by Naakiti Floral Design

With Naakiti’s professional assistance, a bride soon develops her initial inspiration into a defined vision.  However, while all a bride needs is her color scheme, Garrett encourages eager brides to develop their design interests as well.

“Going on different blogs and websites, just to get that inspiration,” she said. “Even if it’s just an interior design, … just to get that feel. By bringing that to me, that would make me know: ‘Okay, this is kind of the direction.’”

Then Garrett and her team collaborate with a bride to build that inspiration into a unique vision for one exceptionally special wedding.

“Sometimes they come in to meet us, and sometimes they’re overwhelmed,” Garrett said of brides and grooms. “We make it so much easier. When they leave, they’re like, ‘Wow. That wasn’t so bad. That was actually easy.’”

Custom creation by Naakiti Floral Design

Even brides who know exactly what they’d like to see within their weddings are welcome to partner with this florist shop. Naakiti Floral Design encourages brides to bring that vision and to share it. Then Naakiti can create it, whatever the artistry may include.

“They don’t only have to go with flowers,” Garrett said of Naakiti’s design abilities. “There’s other options.”

These include fabrics, woods, beads, feathers, crystals, sculptures, mason jars, and more. In addition to these alternatives, Naakiti can also include larger elements in the design, from Chiavari chairs to chuppahs to cultural symbols.

“That always is a lot of fun because you can get very creative,” Garrett said.

black and red with Mitsumata branches
Custom creation by Naakiti Floral Design

Through Naakiti Floral Design’s imaginative nature and willingness to produce either classic or modern creations, brides and grooms will experience high-quality service and personalized décor that enhances every element of their Las Vegas weddings.

Brides, to partner with Naakiti Floral Design for your wedding days, please call Randi Garrett at 702-385-5484 to schedule a consultation. Also, please visit Naakiti Floral Design’s website to view their portfolio.

For information about additional Las Vegas wedding florists, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

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