Brides and grooms, whether you’re just starting out in life or you’re simply looking for some updated appliances and décor, your neighborhood Kohl’s store has exactly what you need for your wedding registries. With a wide variety of styles, items for every room of a house, and unique money-saving discounts, the Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry will help brides, grooms, and guests alike find the perfect products to celebrate each couple’s special Las Vegas weddings.

Kohl's wedding wishes promo
With 10% in rewards and 15% discounts, Kohl's gift registry delivers ways for all your wedding wishes to come true.

“We offer everything from kitchen gadgets to dishware, place settings, small kitchen electrics. Your waffle maker, your Keurig coffee maker, your kitchen stand mixer—all the gadgets you can think of for your kitchen,” Shawnna Loop, a representative from Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry, said at Las Vegas’ Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

While Kohl’s hosts all the latest kitchen appliances as well as classic kitchen items, this store also allows brides and grooms to register for items they can use in other areas of their homes.

“Also, bedding, a lot of towels, sheets, rugs, home décor, and all the little knick knacks to accessorize everything,” Loop said.

With so many options, Kohl’s provides the perfect opportunity for young couples who are just starting out to receive all the items they need for their first home.

“This is going to travel with them throughout their life and start those new memories with them,” Loop said of Kohl’s registry products.

But Kohl’s doesn’t only cater to first-time homeowners. They also encourage brides and grooms to register if they’d like to update their home décor, upgrade their appliances, or simply select items that reflect a couple’s decision to join together.

“Maybe if they’re moving into a new home together or consolidating, and they want that updated crock-pot or they’ve had their eye on the waffle maker,” Loop said. “Now’s the time to have that reason to get that waffle maker. They haven’t gotten it before, but this is the reason to ask people for it.”

Kohl's displayed this variety of dinnerware at Bridal Spectacular's bridal show.

Through a registry, brides and grooms allow their guests to celebrate with them through buying gifts they know the newlyweds will genuinely want, use, and appreciate. Now Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry makes it easier than ever before to make those dreams come true through their discount guarantees.

“For upcoming brides and grooms, if they register through Kohl’s, their guests are offered a 15% discount on purchases of $50.00 or more,” Loop said.

While guests receive this discount, it’s also available to the brides and grooms for post-wedding shopping.

“If after the wedding, they didn’t get something on their registry but they still want it,” Loop said, “Kohl’s will offer a 15% discount for them if they want to make those purchases as well.”

To make the process even better, Kohl’s Wedding Wishes also maintains a couple’s gift registry for up to one year after their wedding date.

kitchenware and happy couple
From the kitchen to the bedroom, Kohl's provides products you'll love to have in your home.

“[It’s] in case somebody wanted to give them a post-wedding gift,” Loop said. “Maybe a housewarming gift or something.”

Through worthwhile discounts, an extended registry timeframe, quality products, and plenty of options, Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry provides the perfect place for one-stop registry shopping for all a bride and groom’s gifts.

“Congratulations,” Loop said to brides and grooms, “on the engagement and on all the new memories that are to come and the exciting steps that are going to be ahead!”

For further details about Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry in Las Vegas, Nevada, please visit Kohl’s official website or make an appointment at a local Kohl’s store near you to start a wedding registry.

Also, for more information about additional Las Vegas wedding registry stores, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular and view our wedding services for bridal registries.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: first image by Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry, additional images by Allyson Siwajian

Displays created by Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry as seen at Bridal Spectacular bridal show.