For my Las Vegas wedding, we had practiced and prepared for the ceremony aisle walk the previous night at the rehearsal. So no problem, right? Well, everything went smoothly until the Best Man began to walk the groom’s grandmother down the aisle. Then the Ring Bearer began to follow, which is all well and good, except he was supposed to wait for the Best Man to come back, link arms with the Maid of Honor, and follow them down the aisle before the bridal entrance.

Ring Bearer walking
This little guy was my Ring Bearer. Isn't he cute?

My Maid of Honor knelt down in her floor-length gown, reached out, and held the Ring Bearer’s arm. “Not yet. Our turn is coming soon.”

“No, I’m supposed to follow Fabien,” the Ring Bearer said of the Best Man. “They told me to follow Fabien.”

Poor little guy. He looked so precious in that tiny suit, and the real wedding rings were safely safety-pinned to the pillow. But this little four-year-old with a big sense of responsibility was afraid he had missed his big debut.

This was the moment I realized the Ring Bearer in any wedding has a pretty tough gig. He has to dress up, carry a pillow with the most treasured symbols of the wedding day, and walk successfully down the aisle on cue.

While my Maid of Honor calmed our Ring Bearer and he did march down the aisle behind her and the Best Man as the cutest, speed-walking Ring Bearer in the world, I think this topic is worth visiting. Brides-to-be, as you plan your Las Vegas weddings, consider these tips for your Ring Bearer before you send him down the aisle.

Know Who to Choose

Select someone who is close to you and your groom. This may be a younger cousin, little brother, your own son, or son of a family friend. Ideally he’ll be between the ages of four to nine, and he’s known for generally good behavior. Remember you can always have two Ring Bearers too, with one for each wedding ring.

Have two special little guys in your life? Let them both be Ring Bearers!

Take Precautions with the Pillow

Precautions should be taken with even the most responsible Ring Bearer. If you can count on him to hold that pillow and not tinker with it, then secure the rings with the pillow’s ribbon and a safety pin. Afraid he’ll lose the rings? Then let him carry the pillow, but keep the real rings in the Best Man’s pocket.

Use the Buddy System

Ask one of the groomsmen to be the Ring Bearer’s buddy. This way, he can keep an eye on the little guy before the Ring Bearer walks down the aisle. Try to choose someone who won’t be escorting additional family members first to avoid any confusion.

Seat his Parents near the Front

Once the Ring Bearer has followed his buddy down the aisle and delivered the rings, let him take a seat. Place his parents near the front, preferably in the first row or in an aisle seat, so he easily knows where to go. Once he’s seated, his job is finished and you, Miss Bride, are about to make your first appearance.

Las Vegas brides, while these tips make for a smooth wedding day, remember not even the best-laid plans always stay on course. If anything goes awry, stay in good spirits. Let your Ring Bearer know in advance what he’s expected to do, but be patient with him too. Then when he takes his small steps down the aisle, you can smile at your decision to include such a special part of the family in your wedding.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Jamison Frady of Quiet Art Photography, Adam Frazier of Artistic Imaging