Sometimes planning destination honeymoons can be just as stressful as planning Las Vegas weddings. Fortunately, with a professional travel agent and experienced world traveler who hosts hundreds of resort connections, brides won’t have to worry! Thanks to Las Vegas’ Carol Peck from All About Honeymoons and Destination Weddings, brides and grooms will enjoy stress-free vacations amidst any location, with all the daring excursions, romantic adventures, or luxurious relaxation they could dream!

“Saying, ‘Oh, I want to pack up and go to Italy for a week’ is not the same as saying ‘I’m taking my honeymoon in Italy,’” Carol Peck, travel consultant and owner at All About Honeymoons and Destination Weddings, said at a recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show. “It takes a lot of planning and a lot of coordination, and my job is to make that easy for the bride and groom.”

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As a former Pan American stewardess and a current travel specialist, Peck hosts a wide variety of travel experience in numerous hot spots around the globe, such as Riviera Maya, Jamaica, and various destinations in Europe.

“I’m all over the world, and I book anything,” Peck said.

With All About Honeymoons’ flexibility in this area, brides and grooms can have professional planning, price negotiations, and even personalized details considered for their trips to any destination worldwide.

“I help them find the right place, then the resort, for what they’re telling me they’re looking for,” Peck said of working with brides and grooms. “If they want to do the excursions, they book through me. Then that just keeps the heat off the bride and groom. … Zip-lining, scuba diving, whatever it is depending on where they are.”

kayaking by beach villa
All About Honeymoons has access to resorts worldwide!

By booking everything in advance, brides and grooms will avoid financial surprises or stressful situations during their actual trips. Instead, they can enjoy every moment of their vacations and experience the bliss of the honeymoon period.

“I treat their trips as if they were mine,” Peck said. “When it comes down to specific hotels and routes to take, if they’re renting a car or something like that, I do a lot of research to make sure I’ve got them in the right place going the right direction.”

Since brides and grooms benefit from this research, they don’t have to set aside hours of time to do the task themselves. Rather they can focus on their marriage relationship. Also, with the assistance of a professional like Peck, newlywed honeymooners can be rest assured they are receiving the best deals at resorts that most fit their personal tastes.

“Because this is a franchise with a lot of other owners and we book a lot of different resorts, I can say: ‘Look, I’m from All About Honeymoons,’” Peck said of speaking to resorts. “It makes a difference.”

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Incorporate your favorite weather and hobbies into your personalized honeymoon package.

While Peck handles all the details before the couple’s trip, she also takes care of any complications during the newlywed’s honeymoon as well.

“My real job is customer service, and [it] starts when they take off on their trip,” Peck said. “It starts when they miss a flight, the flight’s cancelled, [or] they get to the hotel and … the room is not as described.”

In these situations, Peck is available to do whatever is necessary to give brides and grooms exactly what they need. From being available to take calls, make calls, book services, review contracts, give directions, or even proactively find new flights in case of cancellations before the bride and groom even realize the original flight has been cancelled, Peck delivers every time to give newlyweds the best customer service at every stage of their trip.

“That’s important to me to give that kind of service,” Peck said. “My passion has been travel all my life.”


With such a dedicated travel agent, access to any location across the globe, and the promise of a well-planned trip with hassle-free experiences, brides and grooms are guaranteed a beautiful time of both relaxation and romance!

For a blissful honeymoon, contact Carol Peck of All About Honeymoons and Destination Weddings by phone at 702-219-2739 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photograph credit: All About Honeymoons and Destination Weddings (as seen on their official website)