One month ago, Bridal Spectacular debuted its first boutique bridal show called Veils, Tails, & Cocktails at the glamorous ARIA Resort and Casino. In this new environment, brides and grooms flocked to see décor styles, preview this season’s designer fashions, gather inspiration, and also speak with vendors to find professional services they’d like to book for their Las Vegas weddings.

bride at bridal show
Meet Lisa Marie from Ontario, Canada!

But while the crowd consisted of many Las Vegas locals, Veils, Tails, & Cocktails also hosted a handful of out-of-state brides, including one bride who flew in from New York, one engaged couple visiting from Mexico City, and one bride with her supportive mother who came all the way from Ontario, Canada!

At the show, I had the pleasure of meeting this youthful bride from Canada and hearing all about her experiences for her very first time in Las Vegas. As a bride with Canadian heritage myself, I couldn’t be happier to meet her!

Today, Las Vegas brides, I’d like you to meet Lisa Marie from Ontario too. She’s engaged to be married to an Aussie man named Callan, and they’re excited to tie the knot together in a Catholic church ceremony followed by an indoor reception at a beautiful hall in her hometown.

See what she thought about Bridal Spectacular’s boutique bridal show, and discover how we all can gather a few ideas from these fun bridal events, no matter where we’re planning our weddings!

Allyson: What made you decide to come in for the show? Are you having a wedding here in Las Vegas?

Lisa Marie: No, it’s going to be back home. But I thought [I’d come] for décor ideas.

Mom: I wanted to bring her. She’s never been to Vegas, so I thought it’d be a great trip to go to a bridal show at the same time as she sees Vegas.

Lisa Marie: Yes, first time in Vegas.

Allyson: Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. So what do you think so far about the show?

place setting with purple, gold, and orange
Tablescapes featured decor ideas, down to the details. (Design by Jovani Linens)

Lisa Marie: It was awesome. I loved the fashion show. The guys were very entertaining. The décor, the invitations, everything is beautiful.

Allyson: Oh, perfect! So do you think you found any specific ideas that you might use for your own wedding back home?

Lisa Marie: Yeah!

Allyson: Yeah, what kind of things are floating around in your mind?

Lisa Marie: The flowers I really like, and the table settings I’m really liking. And the invitations I think were one of the other ones. The invitations’ different styles and ideas. …

Allyson: It just kind of gave you direction?

Lisa Marie: Yeah, it just gave me an idea.

Allyson: Well, nice! So is there a color that you have decided for your wedding?

Lisa Marie: Yep. We were thinking purple, silver, and a rustic orange.

Allyson: That’s beautiful. When is your wedding going to be?

Lisa Marie: September 21st, 2013.

Allyson: Wow! And what’s the lucky groom’s name?

dancing groomsman
Bridal Spectacular's fashion shows always combine featured fashions with entertainment!

Lisa Marie: Callan.

Allyson: Very cool! … So are there any other particular ideas that you gleaned from the show that you’d like to use?

Mom: I think you need some dancing guys. (laughs)

Allyson: Enjoyed the dancing groomsmen?

Lisa Marie: Oh, I need dancing groomsmen.

Mom: You know, like for instance, that’d be an awesome idea when they come in.

Allyson: Oh, like for the Grand Entrance?

Mom: Yeah!

Lisa Marie: Yeah, it’d be cute. I definitely like the Shutterbug I think it was called—when they give you the bookmarks [with photos].

Allyson: Oh yes, the Shutterbooth.

Lisa Marie: Yeah! We call it Shutterbug in Canada.

Allyson: It’s similar!

Lisa Marie: Yeah, they gave us two copies—one for each of us—and it was a bookmark. It was really, really pretty!

Allyson: Cool! Do you think you’ll have a photo booth then at your wedding?

red bridal bouquet
Veils, Tails, & Cocktails displayed plenty of floral ideas, from bouquets to centerpieces.

Lisa Marie: I’m thinking about it. I like the idea. I think it’d be fun.

Allyson: Very nice. Well, would either of you recommend this show to other brides who’d like their first experiences in Vegas with a little wedding planning in addition?

Lisa Marie: Yeah, definitely!

Allyson: Yeah, why would you recommend it?

Lisa Marie: It opened up my eyes. It was really, really awesome. And it was fun! It was nice.

Mom: Yeah, it was fun doing this.

Allyson: Awesome. Thank you both so much for coming to the show!

Las Vegas brides, if you’d like to find wedding planning tips, décor inspiration, wedding party attire, and more, then save the date for our next Bridal Spectacular bridal show on August 17-18, 2012, at Cashman Convention Center. Visit our website for more details, and follow our Facebook Fan Page to receive updates about participating vendors, ticket promo codes, and special events!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian