As a fun-spirited photographer with a knack for photographs that reveal the personal touch, Chelsy Cardin of Cardin Creative Photography brings her comfortable style, natural flair, and professional edge to brides and grooms for their Las Vegas weddings.

“I really try to get to know my brides. They’re not a client; they’re a friend,” Chelsy Cardin, owner and photographer at Cardin Creative Photography, said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

bride and groom hold hands at Trump Hotel

Once a bride herself with a Vegas wedding beside her beloved husband Casey in 2007, Cardin understands the importance of the personal connection among couples and their vendors. But while Cardin always aims to make brides and grooms comfortable throughout the photography process, she also maintains high quality and professional products, thanks to her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and her professional experience in couples-oriented photography.

“The one thing I realized,” Cardin said, “is that ultimately after the wedding day, you have each other, you have your wedding rings, and you have your photos. … Pictures are one of the few things that are going to carry on after your wedding, so make that a priority when you’re planning.”

Since photographs are one of the few items that remain to let couples relive their wedding days, Cardin places a strong emphasis on capturing brides and grooms in their natural behaviors and expressions.

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“My style is very natural,” Cardin said. “I don’t pose my couples. I try to naturally guide them. I’ll give them examples, like, ‘Okay, go stand over here. I want you looking at each other.’ But I want them to feel natural. I want them to touch each other the way they would normally touch each other, look at each other the way they would normally look at each other, just to get that true emotion between the couple.”

While Cardin excels at seizing these special moments couples share, she also ensures this natural style extends into the way each photograph looks, even in its digital form and print.

“I try to make it as timeless as possible,” Cardin said. “I want a bride and groom to look back on their wedding five, ten, twenty years from now and not feel dated.”

To best encapsulate the essence of each couple in a natural, timeless way, Cardin takes time to meet personally with local brides and grooms before their weddings. Then once she learns more about their personalities, likes, and styles, she invites each couple to book a Cardin Creative engagement session that delivers quality photographs and encourages an increased comfort level before the wedding day.

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“I get to know them in the process,” Cardin said of engagement shoots. “Then it’s nice when I show up on their wedding day: they’re much more comfortable, they’re more relaxed, [and] they’re not afraid of the camera.”

With this method, brides and grooms are free to be themselves, and their photographs are guaranteed to reflect that blissful happiness and carefree air.

“I try to keep everything very casual, very fun, just kind of a whole enjoyable process,” Cardin said.

After the wedding, Cardin then can create a customized wedding album with images to reflect the wedding’s special moments and memories. This album includes a fluid, professional design for the interior pages as well as options for a custom cover, including leathers, fabrics, and suede. Best of all, Cardin ensures that each album reflects the style of its bride and groom to give it the personal touch.

“I literally start from scratch for every bride,” Cardin said. “[I] custom design the album to suit her personality and her style.”

While Cardin Creative Photography does provide print albums, Cardin can also upload images to brides’ favorite social media sites for optimum sharing.

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“I love social media, and the brides love it too because they like seeing their pictures online,” Cardin said.

Cardin’s affinity for social sharing and connecting doesn’t stop there. She also has gained a positive reputation for being consistently available to her brides.

“I have super fast turn-around time,” Cardin said. “I reply right away to e-mails, to phone calls. I’m really quick at designing [too]. It’s just that personal touch that I put on everything to make it really unique.”

With easy accessibility, high-quality work, and the ability to always maintain a fun, comfortable atmosphere, Chelsy Cardin of Cardin Creative Photography provides the perfect fit to any bride and groom looking for a professional photographer whom they can also call their friend.

For more information about Cardin Creative Photography, please contact Chelsy Cardin via phone at 702-318-1139 or by e-mail at [email protected]. To view her portfolio, please visit Cardin Creative Photography’s website and blog.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Chelsy Cardin of Cardin Creative Photography © 2012