Once again, the innovative, avant-garde team at Memory Lane Video and Cinematography has taken Las Vegas wedding cinema to new heights. But this time, it’s literal. With the release of their new aerial cinema, Memory Lane now provides a groundbreaking, cinematic experience for bold brides and grooms.  To tell their story in a unique way worthy of watching with family and sharing online with friends, couples can now request Memory Lane’s team film their wedding ceremonies with a bird’s eye view from within a helicopter.

“It gives a whole new perspective on your wedding cinema,” Ricky Gulati of Memory Lane Video and Cinematography said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show. “With aerial cinema, we’ll have the helicopter flying over your ceremony and some key portions of your photo-taking right after the event.”

Renowned for their willingness to push the limits to pursue a bride’s dreams, the Memory Lane team has introduced aerial footage for brides who want something different, independent, and original.

“The helicopter is definitely for that bride who wants something completely different, who wants to set a completely different tone for her wedding,” Gulati said.

Although this idea was designed with brides in mind, this cutting-edge concept also appeals to almost any groom.

“We love when the grooms come to us,” Gulati said. “They see this helicopter thing set up, and they’re like, ‘Holy crap. This is amazing!’”

To achieve successful aerial footage every time, Memory Lane recommends brides and grooms host their ceremonies at venues with ample space and open air, such as a country club location or dry lake bed. But while this course of action is recommended for ceremony footage, brides and grooms aren’t bound to only this area of cinematography for their wedding videos.

Memory Lane team at VTC bridal show
The Memory Lane team displayed their latest films and preview trailers at Bridal Spectacular’s Veils, Tails, & Cocktails.

“Vegas has so much open field and open ground,” Gulati said. “We can even do stuff on the Strip with them, like over the Bellagio fountains we can fly the helicopter.”

To make this experience all the more breathtaking, Memory Lane handles all the prep work. This includes achieving clearance with venues, booking the helicopter, attaining insurance, and scheduling their top cinematographers for excellent footage. Thanks to this customer care, brides and grooms can relax amidst a stress-free wedding planning process.

“We do all the set-up [and] the execution,” Gulati said. “We take care of everything.”

While Memory Lane has embraced this new echelon of cinematography, their team will continue to provide on-the-ground wedding cinema as well.

“You still have your traditional shots from the ground,” Gulati said of the aerial footage opportunity. “But we also have a helicopter hovering over, just getting an amazing overview of what the country club lawn looks like [and] what the ceremony site set-up looks like. It just takes it to a whole new level.”

With such a holistic approach to document and commemorate such a special day, brides and grooms will enjoy their Las Vegas weddings again and again through high-quality film that’s truly worth watching.

“This is one more feature that accentuates what Memory Lane does,” Gulati said. “Trendsetting, keeping things fresh … and just offering that modern bride more options to make her wedding that unique experience that she’s always envisioned.”

For further details about Memory Lane’s award-winning cinematography and new aerial footage, please contact Ricky Gulati by phone at 702.509.1658 or contact their team by e-mail at [email protected].

For information about additional Las Vegas wedding cinematographers and videographers, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photograph: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Video: Memory Lane Video and Cinematography © 2012 (Used by permission.)