Located on the southwest side of Las Vegas, Nevada, Rhodes Ranch Golf Club offers brides and grooms the best balance of peacefulness, privacy, and party for their wedding days. With a waterfront ceremony site, an outdoor balcony at the clubhouse for dining, and a modern social lounge for reception dancing and drinks, Rhodes Ranch delivers a one-of-a-kind experience that can be customized to fit any bride’s dream.

Rhodes Ranch ceremony site
Relax in the tranquility of Rhodes Ranch Golf Club’s lakeside ceremony site.

“We always cater to having a good time, but we can go as elegant as you want,” Stacey Milner, Wedding and Event Coordinator at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club, said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

For many brides, this aura of elegance begins at the ceremony site. Custom designed for its specific location, the ceremony area features a lakeside view of crystalline waters, lush grass, tall palm trees, distant mountains, and a winding walkway that leads to the clubhouse for a grand bridal march.

“Our ceremony site was designed for where it faces … to make it a stunning backdrop,” Milner said. “That way, you have better photography.”

After an elegant ceremony, brides and grooms can revel in the picturesque, natural setting while guests make their way to the clubhouse for cocktail hour.

“The actual venue [is] a unique, kind of fresh space,” Milner said. “It’s not the traditional square room with your dance floor and tables. … You have more of a mingling status. We have bench seating, cocktail tables, and we have your hors d’oeuvres out and your open bar.”

Once guests have enjoyed this new twist to the traditional cocktail hour, Rhodes Ranch’s staff calms the atmosphere and invites guests to step outdoors to the covered balcony for dinner.

Transform the social lounge with uplighting for a nightclub vibe, or maintain modern elegance.

“We always try to do dinner at sunset because it goes right over the mountain, right where you’re looking out at,” Milner said.

As brides, grooms, and guests absorb the breathtaking views, they can also delight in the variety of dishes served over dinner. Thanks to Rhodes Ranch Golf Club’s professional staff and signature menu, both plated and buffet dining options are available. Also, no matter which option a couple chooses, every course of the wedding meal is coordinated to blend well with the flavoring of the entrée.

Then after a delicious meal, Rhodes Ranch staff invites guests inside to the social lounge for dancing and celebrating together for the remainder of the wedding.

“You have a unique place to get married,” Milner said of Rhodes Ranch Golf Club. “It’s a place where most guests walk away at and say, ‘That was an amazing wedding.’ Because it’s different. [The reception room] is not square. But the staff is involved too.”

bride and groom
Rhodes Ranch’s staff creates a stress-free environment for a bride and groom’s special day.

With professional, personable staff, Rhodes Ranch Golf Club maintains an atmosphere where everyone—from the guests to the vendors—feels connected. Even prior to the wedding day, Milner and her team display their commitment to couples throughout the pre-planning process, including tours, menu tasting, and assistance with vendor selection.

“Not everybody can afford a wedding planner,” Milner said. “But really your coordinator at your venue is the one who handles everything, who has all your vendors coming together. … So that’s where I come into play.”

Every step of the way, the Rhodes Ranch team supports a bride and groom to give them a stress-free, personalized wedding that reflects their desires, their style, and their way to enjoy a perfect day.

“It is the bride’s day,” Milner said. “We’ll give it your touch.”

For more information about Rhodes Ranch Golf Club, please visit their website or contact Stacey Milner and her team at 702-795-9522. To learn about additional Las Vegas wedding venues, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Ana Villalpando of Ana Studios (courtesy of Rhodes Ranch Golf Club)