Before the wedding bells ring, every modern bride deserves an opportunity to celebrate her last days as a single lady! As Las Vegas locals, we couldn’t have asked for a better place to live as we plan bachelorette parties. With warm weather and endless possibilities for activities, our city hosts options to fit any party style, whether a bride wants a calm, relaxing event or she wants to hit the Strip to party-hearty.

While the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids usually plan a bachelorette party, there’s no reason a bride-to-be can’t plan her own event! Simply find what works best for your wedding party. Then for a guide to Las Vegas bachelorette party basics, review these planning tips.

bellagio waterworksSelect a bachelorette party theme and Las Vegas location to fit the bride’s style!

1. Choose a Date: Ask the bride what day she prefers to party. Likely, this date will be near her wedding, so the bride can celebrate her transition from singlehood into marriage. But while it’s near the wedding day, don’t plan the party for the night before the big day. You know, just in case. 😉

2. Select a Theme: Next pick the party’s theme and activities. Make sure this theme coincides with the bride’s interests. If she’s an outdoor girl, rent mountain bikes and ride the trails at Red Rock Canyon. If she’s a lady who likes liquor, schedule a wine tasting session downtown or plan a bar crawl, complete with a rented limousine for a designated driver. If she loves to relax, book a poolside cabana at a local resort.

3. Plan a Budget: Meet with bridesmaids to plan party details and talk money. Discuss how much everyone can contribute, and find the best way to fit the party’s theme into your budget. Make calls. Research websites. Try D.I.Y. techniques. As you decide the budget, you may also split planning responsibilities among bridesmaids.

4. Get a Guest List: Ask the bride for a guest list, complete with names and addresses. For this list, wedding etiquette encourages that those invited to the party are also invited to the wedding. Also, remember bachelorette parties are intimate events, so only invite close friends and family who keep the bride comfortable.

Reflect the party's theme with the invitations.

5. Send Invitations with Important Info: Let everyone invited know the party details through your invitations. These should include: bride’s name, party theme, date, time, location, details on what to bring, R.S.V.P. date, and a contact name and number. Mail invitations in advance to give invitees time to plan to attend.

6. Make Final Preparations: Plan to have everything you’ll need for the party in advance. Whatever this party requires—restaurant reservations, home decorations, a cake, a designated driver, etc.—make the appropriate arrangements before the week of party. Then you’ll lessen the stress, and have time to create a Plan B in case your ideal idea isn’t available.

7. Add a Hint of Crazy: This is a bachelorette party, after all. So let loose and have fun! This doesn’t mean you need to go wild and crazy with antics you’ll regret. Rather, include details to give the party a fun twist and memorable moments the bride will not only approve, but love! From wearing tiaras to adding a photo scavenger hunt that lasts all night long, be creative and add personality to the party.

Need more ideas for your bachelorette party? See Bridal Spectacular’s website for a list of “Wedding Services” to find local hotels, clubs, bakeries, resorts, spas, limousines, invitations, restaurants, and more professionals as you plan a bachelorette party to remember!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian © 2012