Entertainment for Las Vegas wedding receptions doesn’t stop with music. It’s about the experience. It’s about creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, every element smoothly stays on schedule without seeming too strict, and everyone has opportunities to enjoy the wedding in a way that makes the best memories.

At D. Jay’s Entertainment, Jeremy Gleason and team have created a company designed to cater to all aspects of entertainment. With a team of professional disc jockeys, experienced photographers, and trained emcees, D. Jay’s Entertainment invites brides and grooms to enter the next generation of entertainment for stress-free, customizable weddings that give everyone a reason to celebrate.

dancing guests
D. Jay’s Entertainment ensures everyone enjoys the wedding, custom fit for the tone of the event.

“We do disc jockey, photography, and videography,” Jeremy Gleason, owner of D. Jay’s Entertainment, said at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show. “We have our specific DJs. We have specific photographers and videographers as well.”

With trained professionals for each category, D. Jay’s Entertainment offers a breadth of style that allows brides and grooms to find their perfect fits.

“What sets us apart is the choice of DJ versus being assigned a DJ,” Gleason said, “[and] the pre-planning directly with your DJ instead of meeting your DJ the night of the wedding.”

While each bride and groom choose with whom they want to work, couples are flocking to D. Jay’s Entertainment for its tech-savvy but personal pre-planning process.

“With the pre-planning, we have a very detailed, online planning system, which is password protected for the bride,” Gleason said. “They actually do all their planning ahead of time. Then they plan directly with their DJ. So we can customize the whole night based on what they want.”

online event timeline
Complete the event timeline at your pace, with this detailed online system.

Through this streamlined system, each bride and groom receive their own password to a page. Then they can add songs they want to have played, state songs they don’t want to hear at the wedding, create a specific timeline of important events throughout the ceremony and reception, make special requests, determine the level of interaction the DJ should have with guests, and more.

Then with each couple’s input, the DJ not only creates the best custom atmosphere with wedding day music, but also directs the event as the emcee.

“Music is important obviously,” Gleason said. “But [we’re also] reading the crowd, emceeing, running the party the right way. … We’re making sure it’s going smoothly.”

With this approach to emceeing and playing music to reflect the bride and groom’s tastes, D. Jay’s Entertainment delivers a polished event filled with plenty of personality and fun.

For interested couples, D. Jay’s Entertainment also provides a partnership for videography and photography through Tiffany G. Photography.

“For photography, what sets us apart is just Tiffany’s style,” Gleason said. “When you see Tiffany’s demos, that’s what you can expect at your wedding.”

With pre-planning options online for photography as well, D. Jay’s Entertainment presents a cohesive way for brides and grooms to prepare for their special day. Then, with planning complete before the wedding week, couples are free to focus on each other and their relationship.

Demo of Tiffany G. Photo
Brides and grooms may also book Tiffany G. Photography through D. Jay’s Entertainment.

“They can relax the rest of the week, just knowing it’s going to be all right,” Gleason said.

For more information about D. Jay’s Entertainment, please contact Jeremy Gleason and team at 702-643-3529. Also, for brides and grooms interested in previewing the online planning system, D. Jay’s Entertainment would like to offer a unique opportunity that comes with no obligation to book.

“Contact me and I’ll give you a link to the practice planning system,” Gleason said.

With this invitation, brides and grooms, you can see for yourself just how easy planning can be with the right resources, courtesy of D. Jay’s Entertainment.

For details about additional Las Vegas wedding DJs, entertainment, photographers, and videographers, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: D. Jay’s Entertainment, Allyson Siwajian, Tiffany G. Photography