This August, the Bridal Spectacular bridal show will feature its famed Inspiration Avenue once again! With mock-ups of reception décor, ceremony areas, complete tablescapes, and elaborate centerpieces, this bridal show aisle showcases all the latest trends from the design-savvy minds of Las Vegas floral décor artists. From modern to traditional, every bride will find inspiration for her special day!

bride Adriana
Meet bride Adriana (middle), her wedding planning friend, and mother.

At our last show, Las Vegas bride Adriana discovered Inspiration Avenue held infinitely more than she expected and inspired her for her own wedding décor.

“I did get inspired by Inspiration Avenue,” Adriana said. “It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

When she entered Inspiration Avenue, she first noticed the displayed vintage gown collection. With wedding dresses dating from the 1920s to the 1980s, this area gave a peek into the past before brides continued to a canopy filled with modern tablescapes.

“I’ve never seen those types of dresses from those styles, and it’s really cool to see a little bit of every decade,” Adriana said. “Then seeing the centerpieces and the flowers, the way they can get the flowers all in those crazy, cool shapes. It’s really interesting to see the different ideas. I didn’t think that any of that was possible.”

As Adriana viewed the many designs for floral centerpieces, reception tables, and ceremony arches, she quickly found her niche.

“I really like that Asian theme,” Adriana said. “That one was my favorite. My colors are red, black, and silver, so that caught my attention.”

Asian theme in Inspiration Avenue
Adriana loved this Asian theme in Inspiration Avenue at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show.

Even after she found the décor vignette with which she most connected, Adriana continued to find inspiration at additional Inspiration Avenue displays.

“A lot of the candles and the tables, a lot of the roses and the bright vibrant colors—That’s what I liked,” she said. “I’ll use that at my wedding.”

Since Adriana found so many ideas for her wedding within Inspiration Avenue, she’s confident other brides will be inspired for their weddings too.

“They should just go and look at it because there’s a lot of really cool stuff in there,” Adriana said. “I wasn’t expecting that. If you like themes, if you want a really themed wedding, you can find it there.”

With this bridal show beginning that exceeded her expectations, Adriana gained inspiration and discovered which Las Vegas wedding vendors to hire for her décor, based on her favorite displays.

vintage bridal gown from 1980s
Inspiration Avenue showcases vintage gowns as well as modern decor.

“I’m going to give them a call for sure,” Adriana said of the vendor who created her favorite theme. “They’re going to be like my first call when I get home.”

Once she’d chosen her vendor for floral accents and wedding décor and she’d absorbed all that Inspiration Avenue offered, this Las Vegas bride was excited to see what else the show held for her. With her mother and her wedding planning friend at her side, she started vendor shopping among the aisles, ready to embrace the rest of her bridal show experience!

Las Vegas brides, if you’re looking for vendors or inspiration for your wedding’s theme, colors, and décor, then save the date for August 17-18, 2012 and plan to visit Bridal Spectacular’s Inspiration Avenue at the Bridal Spectacular bridal show in Cashman Center.

Tickets are now available online at Bridal Spectacular’s website, and you can receive a $5.00 discount with this PROMO CODE: Ally2012.

Prepare to be inspired, brides, and see you at the bridal show!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012,   Photographs: Allyson Siwajian © 2012