As a regal country club with stunning views of the Red Rock Mountains, Canyon Gate Country Club provides the ideal place for brides and grooms to marry. Alongside its private ceremonies and customized receptions, this venue has gone beyond typical through its extensive packages and exceptional customer service. With on-site wedding coordinators, fireworks, Chameleon chairs, and even cultural catering options, Canyon Gate Country Club has distinguished itself in the Las Vegas community for its truly custom, country club wedding experience.

“We host weddings as well as rehearsal dinners, golf outings, and bachelor outings for golf,” The Private Events Director at Canyon Gate Country Club, said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

balcony ceremony
Brides may choose to marry on this balcony that overlooks the 18th hole and Red Rock Mountains.

While Canyon Gate Country Club hosts various events, this venue showcases the most variety through its weddings.

“Brides actually get three locations: the ceremony site, the lake view room, and then the ballroom as well,”

From the picturesque balcony to the spacious Grand Ballroom, Canyon Gate Country Club can accommodate guest lists as small as 20 people or as large as 200.

“We also only do one wedding at a time,”  “There’s only one event, one wedding, and one bride on the property at a time, so they get our full attention.”

Even before the wedding day, Canyon Gate Country Club’s staff delivers its full attention to its brides and grooms through its highly professional, on-site wedding coordinators.

“We take care of all the small details,”  “We put out your escort cards, your favors, [and] any programs that you may have. We actually meet with you. Once you book with Canyon Gate, we are available via phone call or e-mail any time from the time that you book until your actual wedding.”

reception room
Brides and grooms may schedule a tasting and organization meeting with Canyon Gate’s coordinators.

While brides may contact their wedding coordinators at any point, Canyon Gate’s staff also organizes planning meetings to ensure every detail is to a bride and groom’s specification.

“About 60 to 90 days before your wedding, we have about a 3 to 3 ½ hour appointment where we actually do a tasting [for your menu],” . “Then we actually take care of all the details at that appointment. We take care of all your floor plans, your layouts, your lineup, your linen selection. We put together a timeline with all of your vendors as well.”

With a professional coordinator to organize the event, brides and grooms can relax in the weeks leading to their weddings. Then for the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception, Canyon Gate’s staff executes the details, including overseeing wedding party lineup, collaborating with vendors, and managing the timeline.

“We really enjoy helping,”

While the wedding coordinators deliver stress-free experiences and the venue provides picturesque locations, Canyon Gate Country Club also has added features to enhance the overall experience.

Ballroom with uplighting and draped linens
Brides and grooms may customize the ballroom to feature their weddings’ tones.

“We actually have a new item: We offer fireworks at Canyon Gate,”  “Over the 18th hole, we have a whole production firework company that comes in. They customize the firework package, so that it’s within your budget. And that’s how we end most of our evenings. It’s really fun!”

In addition to this thrilling, new element, Canyon Gate also gives customization opportunities through its upgraded, floor-length linens and its patterned Chameleon chairs.

“The bride only needs one dress, but there’s 400 things for your chair to wear,” “The Chameleon Chair actually changes your whole venue and makes it look completely different. It has a retro style and it also has a contemporary chic style, so it has lots of different colors and patterns to pick from as well.”

Since wedding personalization is paramount at Canyon Gate, their staff also invites couples of all cultures to customize their Canyon Gate weddings according to their beliefs and backgrounds.

patio reception
At Canyon Gate Country Club, every couple receives a personalized experience.

“We do all different cultures,”  “We also allow outside catering for kosher and halal food for Jewish and Muslim cultures.”

Through this venue’s considerations, customizations, and coordination, Canyon Gate Country Club provides an experience catered directly to each couple.

“We feel really blessed that we get the opportunity to work with each bride and groom,”

For a wedding venue that delivers a personal experience, coordination from a connected team, and unique features, select Canyon Gate Country Club. To learn more information, please visit their website or call Keri Keep at 702-363-4650 to schedule an appointment. For additional Las Vegas wedding venues, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs courtesy of Canyon Gate Country Club  (Used by permission of Canyon Gate Country Club)