Las Vegas brides, the wedding invitation is the first impression guests will receive of your big day! Naturally, you’ll want it to reflect you, your fiancé, and the tone of your upcoming wedding. So plan to spend some time with your stationery!

Whether you’re in love with all things paper or you just want a way to distribute information to your guests, be sure to consider these elements. Then you’ll be able to design an invitation that reflects exactly who you two are as a couple.

several wedding invitation styles
Show your personality and display your wedding’s tone with your invitation’s style.

1. Size and Style: Traditional-sized flat cards may be the way to go for a formal wedding. But modern stationery stores have so many more options! With styles like the pocket, trifold, or gate cards of varied sizes, you can communicate the level of formality and set the tone for your special day.

2. Paper: Think colors and textures! The paper you choose also gives guests a peek into your wedding day. For example, an invitation with embossed patterns delivers a sense of elegance while a sleek invitation with a glossy sheen is sure to state your modernity. You could even have eco-friendly, plantable paper to establish your connection to nature! As you choose, don’t forget to showcase your wedding colors as well.

3. Accents: Now it’s time to customize. Add accents to give your invitation a personal touch and a little flair. For a regal wedding, you might add rhinestone decals. For an elegant occasion, you might include a smooth, knotted ribbon. Or for a casual event, you might include your favorite symbol or a photograph. If you have a theme for your wedding, this is the way to illustrate it.

4. Font: It’s not just the written words; it’s the way the words are written. Select a font that matches the mood you want for your wedding day. Scrolling cursive text imbues a sense of formality while big, block letters may display a modern vibe. Feel free to ask your stationery specialist for assistance. Just remember: keep it legible.

5. Information: While the look of the invitation sets the tone, the written words share necessary details with guests. Be sure to include: bride’s and groom’s names, your parents’ names, wedding date, time, location, and (if necessary) a link to your wedding website. Remember to keep this information to the point. Then the invite remains readable and uncluttered.

inspiration board of wedding invitations
Ask your stationery specialist for help along the way!

6. Extra Cards: For additional details, add extra cards. These may include your RSVP card and its envelope, directions card, card with recommended hotel accommodations, and a menu selection card. While budget-conscious brides can forego these traditional cards (thanks to wedding websites), their inclusion reflects elegance and sophistication even for modern weddings.

7. Envelope: Polish your printed invitations with an envelope that complements the invitation in its color or style. Also, be sure the envelope can comfortably carry the invitation and any additional cards (RSVP card and its stamped envelope, directions card, etc.). Lastly, don’t forget postage stamps, and if you’d like, consider costs of a calligrapher to address the cards.

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Soon, brides, you’ll find the perfect stationery store to create your ideal invitations!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian © 2012