Brides, if your wedding guest lists include people who feel more comfortable chilling at a table than partying to pop music, then provide activities to keep these guests entertained too.

Recently my groom was the Best Man in a wedding that did just that. Since many attendees were avid gamers, they’d feel much more comfortable playing with decks of cards than dancing to Lady Gaga. So the bride and groom hired a live jazz band, scheduled for a full wet bar, and included a few game tables. Then as the bride and groom enjoyed the dance floor, they knew their friends were happy too!

Brides, want to know how you can include additional activities at your Las Vegas wedding venue? Review these tips, and choose your favorite ideas for your upcoming receptions.

board game table with candle centerpiece
You can even select games to fit a theme, like these vintage games.

Consider the age range: Know why you’re booking a game table. Is it to entertain the kiddies or the adults? Once you know, you can easily choose games that reflect guests. For example, Go Fish and Hi Ho! Cheery-O are great for the little guys, but everyone from your college buddies to Grandpa will be looking for something slightly more challenging.

Select group board games: While Solitaire is fun and all, you’ll want guests to interact and enjoy each other’s company. Choose strategy games, like Risk or The Settlers of Catan, or rollicking group games, like Apples to Apples and Taboo. For people who just want to pass a little time before returning to the dance floor, toss in a few quick games too, like Jenga, Mancala, or packs of cards.

Choose between classic and electronic: Game tables don’t have to be restricted to board games. Several Las Vegas party rental companies rent grand-scale games too. Book a pool table for the posh, sophisticated crowd. Rent a big screen TV, Xbox console, and Rock Band for video gamers and karaoke fans alike. Consider what you want at your wedding, and schedule these rented games to be delivered to your venue.

Add a photo booth: Is it a game? No, not really. But it is a fun way for your friends to stay entertained and express themselves behind a curtain. Toss in a prop box for poses, and be sure to have guests add their photo strips and written messages to a scrapbook.

Rock Band for wedding
RSVP Party Rentals showcased Rock Band for weddings in their Bridal Spectacular bridal show display.

Decorate accordingly: Of course, you’ll want the game table to look great! But remember to leave room for games. Any centerpieces must allow guests to see one another across the table. Also, if a game requires a big board, you’ll need space in the table’s center and added light.

As you decorate the game area, ask your Las Vegas florist or decor specialist for suggestions. Also, consider alternative décor, like elaborate table linens, battery-powered votive candles (no cards on fire here), or even creative placement of the games. (Imagine a Scrabble line-up with “Love You” letters!)

Find what best fits you and your guests, Las Vegas brides and grooms! Then look forward to your wedding, which everyone will be able to enjoy!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Anthony Siwajian, Allyson Siwajian