With over 25 years of experience in floral design, Jill Ferrero of Las Vegas’ I Do Wedding Flowers is dedicated to bringing brides exactly what they want for their wedding flowers without breaking their budgets. For bouquets, centerpieces, and floral arrangements for additional décor, the family-owned I Do Wedding Flowers always exceeds brides’ expectations and delivers dreams come true.

“I like to be innovative,” Jill Ferrero, owner and designer of I Do Wedding Flowers, said at the Bridal Spectacular bridal show. “You see flowers and you know them, but you see them in a different way. So it creates a new, modern look.”

pink and green bouquet
Bouquet by I Do Wedding Flowers

As Ferrero creates floral arrangements for weddings, she first and foremost considers each bride’s personal style. To do this, she’ll meet with brides for a consultation. Then she’ll learn their likes, dislikes, and anticipated tones for their wedding days.

“I like the brides to think about what kind of emotion they want for their weddings,” Ferrero said. “That way, they’re able to visualize. They know what they want. Then I help them incorporate flowers that get that feeling and that mood into it.”

While I Do Wedding Flowers designs to a bride’s specifications for customized looks, Ferrero also offers helpful advice along the way. She can recommend alternatives to out-of-season blossoms, let brides know how fast a flower may wilt in Vegas’ summer heat, or even weigh in with knowledge about petals’ durability. Then with this information, brides can select flowers they truly want to include for their bouquets and décor.

“The brides are making an informed decision,” Ferrero said. “They feel that I’m not just pushing them into an idea. I give them all the information, they think about it, and it’s their decision. They own it. They help go through that creative process. I’m here to facilitate that for them.”

Bouquet by I Do Wedding Flowers

With this expertise from I Do Wedding Flowers, brides receive flowers that reflect their personal styles, won’t wilt, and complement their color schemes.

Also at I Do Wedding Flowers, brides will receive their floral dreams come true without excessive costs.

“There’s definitely a perfect spot to be in where you get what you want without paying too much. So you should never feel like you have to go into debt or even that you settled for something … because you’re worried about the price,” Ferrero said.

To give brides their ideal floral arrangements, I Do Wedding Flowers designs creative ways to save money on flowers without sacrificing a bride’s favorite blooms. For example, if a bride likes a bouquet of fresh red roses but she doesn’t like the price tag, Ferrero recommends less expensive flowers to add to the rose bouquet that still communicate the passion, romance, and richness of roses.

“You’ll still have a similar look, but you’re bringing the price down on that particular bouquet,” Ferrero said. “You’ll still get what you want, but without feeling like you spent too much and you’ll still be happy.”

In all I Do Wedding Flower’s designs, Ferrero keeps in mind the brides’ happiness and their wishes for their wedding days. Then brides can enjoy their special days’ flowers exactly as they envisioned.

bouquet with pearl accents
Bouquet by I Do Wedding Flowers

“It’s their special day,” Ferrero said. “I want them to think about their flowers and to be happy with them 20 years down the line when they look at their photos.”

With I Do Wedding Flowers, brides will receive flowers they’ll be proud to carry down the aisle and glad to remember as years pass. Ferrero’s creations are timeless, and they embody the spirit of each bride’s unique wedding day, making this florist the perfect choice for any bride about to say: “I do.”

For more information about I Do Wedding Flowers, please contact Jill Ferrero at 702-275-0478 or visit her website. Also, look for I Do Wedding Flowers at the upcoming Bridal Spectacular bridal show. For additional Las Vegas wedding florists, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

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