With technical proficiency, polished imagery, and genuine care for his clients, Adam Frazier of Adam Frazier Photographer has blended the modernity of editorial style with an authenticity that’s unmatched. Through this unique approach, Frazier delivers fashion-forward imagery that also accurately reflects brides and grooms’ natural expressions of love toward one another. At last, couples can be exactly who they are before the camera while also guaranteeing they’ll receive stylistic photographs to best portray their wedding stories.

bride and groom kiss
Photograph by Adam Frazier Photographer

“I love exploring the really creative, but at the same time, I never like to miss the fact that two people are connecting. They’re in love,” Adam Frazier, owner and photographer at Adam Frazier Photographer, said at the Bridal Spectacular bridal show. “I want that to come through in every single image that I take, whether it’s something that’s a little bit more dramatic or whether it’s something that’s very fun and relaxed.”

To determine each photo shoot’s tone, be it bridal portraits or wedding day photojournalism, Frazier always invites couples to share their ideas. He first discovers their love stories. Then he suggests an engagement session, where brides and grooms can display their personalities and become comfortable with his style.

“I want them to be themselves,” Frazier said. “In an engagement session, we break the ice that way. We get out there. We have some fun. It lets them get more comfortable and familiar. Then by the time I show up on their wedding day … it’s more like a friend who’s coming to photograph.”

bride and groom in urban setting
Photograph by Adam Frazier Photographer

Since Frazier wants couples to feel comfortable and connected, he often takes his inspiration from his couples. Even for engagement sessions, he collaborates with couples to develop storylines and choose locations.

“I like to kind of get a feel for the things that excite them. Sometimes it’s the more urban style. Sometimes it’s more outdoors-y. Sometimes it’s just the clean, surreal areas, like the dry lake bed,” Frazier said. “I also like to kind of see what may make their story unique, to see if we can incorporate a little bit of that into what we’re doing.”

Throughout his years as a professional photographer, Frazier has seen many unique stories. These have served as excellent background for engagement photographs. One couple, for example, wanted to re-enact their New York proposal with its mishaps, and one couple wished to capture the passion of a mock-up elopement in downtown Las Vegas. Even for couples who prefer less elaborate storylines, Frazier includes their personalities to create appropriate, editorial-style imagery.

dry lake bed with flying bride
Photograph by Adam Frazier Photographer

While he gathers inspiration from brides and grooms, Frazier also studies professional editorial work to transpose high-fashion style to wedding photography.

“There’s some really amazing storytellers out there in journalism and editorial work that have their unique way of finding those little differences about every day, and I find that to be very inspiring,” Frazier said. “That way you can really try to draw: What is going on with these couples on that day?”

For Frazier, wedding photography explores the undercurrent of the story. It needs to do more than simply capture what’s happening at a wedding. Rather wedding photography is designed to tell a specific, beautiful story about a bride and groom, who fell in love and who are celebrating their marriage together.

“We’re telling the story of someone’s wedding day from beginning to end,” Frazier said. “It’s taking pictures of those moments that really capture that story from the moment they get ready ‘til when the reception ends.”

With this focus, Adam Frazier Photographer captures content that truly matters. And that’s what he wants to deliver to brides and grooms. While the wedding album, Facebook-ready photos, and prints are important, Frazier maintains those details can come later. When choosing a photographer, he says, first and foremost select someone who can illustrate the love story.

Smiling bride and groom
Photograph by Adam Frazier Photographer

“If you find a photographer who you love, based on their personality, their style, someone who you gel with, who brings out the best parts of who you are and your fiancé—Then getting that content is the key and most core thing to get for any wedding day,” Frazier said.

Fortunately for brides and grooms, Adam Frazier Photographer represents a photographer who can bring out the best in each couple as he captures each special moment shared. With his authentic edge and creative editorial style, couples will receive images that reflect the core of their unique wedding stories and accentuate their genuine love.

For more information on Adam Frazier Photographer, please call Adam Frazier at 702-379-3435 or visit his website. Also, plan to meet Adam Frazier and additional Las Vegas wedding photographers at Las Vegas’ upcoming Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Adam Frazier of Adam Frazier Photographer © 2012

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