For 30 years, Aaron Lelah Jewelers has provided quality products and attentive customer service to Las Vegas brides and grooms. With a vast selection of wedding bands, engagement rings, bridal jewelry, and even groom’s accessories, jeweler Aaron Lelah ensures the superior quality and timeless value of his pieces through custom-designed jewelry, lifetime warranties, and an in-house manufacturing approach.

“We specialize in custom designing and manufacturing jewelry and watches,” Aaron Lelah, jeweler and Head of Marketing at Aaron Lelah Jewelers, said at the Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

Aaron Lelah Jewelers Display at Bridal Spectacular
Aaron Lelah Jewelers helps grooms and brides find their perfect fit at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show.

Since Lelah’s start in his father’s jewelry business at age twelve, he has accumulated a sharp eye to see beyond the surface of wedding jewelry. Then he can provide exquisite pieces in his store that brides and grooms will be proud to call their own.

“I believe that every, single piece has somebody’s name on it, and it’s just a matter of time before they say it’s theirs,” Lelah said.

To help brides and grooms to find pieces special to them, Lelah likes to guide his clients through a selection process of The Four Cs (a.k.a. the 4Cs). These are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. All are important to ensure a bride receives her ultimate ring to fit high-quality jeweler standards as well as her personal preference.

Discover The Four Cs through Aaron Lelah.


“My diamonds come from Israel, right from the cutter,” Lelah said of his stones. “They’re all brilliant cut diamonds. None of the diamonds are too thick or too shallow. So the light comes in, reflects, and then bounces back to the eye.”

For beginners in jewelry shopping, Lelah likened this reflection to a rainbow. When light enters the diamond, it bounces amidst pavilions and it bends to create a stimulation of light. Similarly, light bends on a rainy day to create a rainbow of colors. “The same thing is happening in a diamond,” Lelah said.  The goal is to achieve a perfect prism effect.

wedding ring
Aaron Lelah Jewelers provides quality in all aspects of the 4 Cs for its wedding rings.


While Aaron Lelah Jewelers aims for perfection in cut, this store also only features quality color for its diamonds. “It’s from F color to G color, so that’s the top of the charts,” Lelah said.

For diamonds, the Gemological Institute of America determines color on a lettered scale, beginning with D for pure colorless to Z for yellowed diamonds. To have an F is to have a “colorless” stone while G is the least colored in “near colorless” diamonds. For a wedding ring, Aaron Lelah Jewelers’ level of color quality is exceptional.

“I don’t do any commercial grade,” Lelah said. “It’s all top quality.”


In accordance with his standards for quality work, Lelah delivers diamonds that appear flawless to the naked eye.

“Even for small diamonds, they’re bright and brilliant, from Flawless to SI,” Lelah said. With SI representing “small inclusions,” Lelah has chosen to add these to his store’s repertoire for a specific reason. Why SI? “Because it’s the biggest bang for your dollar,” he said.

heart shaped journey style pendant
Aaron Lelah offers a wide variety of traditional and modern jewelry for both brides and grooms.

“SI to Flawless is perfect to the naked eye,” Lelah said of clarity. “So you’ve got a magnitude of 10x to see a small crystallization. It’s natural. Every stone has crystallization. Even a Flawless, at 30 power, you’re going to see some sort of crystallization.”


The final consideration of The Four Cs is carat weight. “That’s the simplest,” Lelah said. “The actual weight—you put it on a scale, 100 points to a carat.”

Once a bride and groom choose how many carats they’d like for their diamonds, they’ve completed The Four Cs. Then they can consider the stones’ shapes, rings’ metals, and overall design of the jewelry.

Buying Beyond The Four Cs.

At Aaron Lelah Jewelers, brides and grooms can expect excellent customer service. Not only will salespeople and jewelers guide them through selection processes, but couples will also feel comfortable to make decisions on their own schedules and within their budgets.

“My salespeople do not push,” Lelah said. “I want customers to buy what they want, what they’ll enjoy.”

In addition to positive sales experiences, all Aaron Lelah jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty. This includes a complete warranty for any manufacturing defects as well as free cleanings and inspections.

Aaron Lelah Jewelers logo
To find the right symbol to reflect your love, start at Aaron Lelah Jewelers.

“Every two months, they can come into the store. My jewelers will take the ring, polish it, clean it, inspect it, size it up during a pregnancy and size it back down. So you can continually wear the ring, and every two months, it’s going to look brand new or as close as possible to it,” Lelah said. “I participate with my customers through the years and just become friends.”

With such admirable customer service, lifetime guarantees, and high-quality jewelry that can even be custom designed with a special someone in mind, Aaron Lelah Jewelers is the perfect choice for wedding jewelry to symbolize love’s creativity and commitment.

For more information, call Las Vegas’ Aaron Lelah Jewelers at 702-531-8100 or visit their website. Also, plan to visit Aaron Lelah and additional Las Vegas wedding jewelers at the upcoming Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: first image by Adam Frazier of Adam Frazier Photographer, additional images by Aaron Lelah Jewelers © 2012