Laura and George Lopez began their life journey together over an offer of a Superbowl hotdog, which was declined and a lunch date that was accepted.  It was on this lunch date that George was fascinated by Laura and literally hung on her every word. George’s heart was captured and he never let go.

Wedding Wishing Tree
Wedding Wishing Tree

After being together for eight years, they were faced with a heartbreaking crossroad.  Laura’s uncle, Hector, was diagnosed with a life threatening disease.  George being the gentleman that he is suggested, “Let’s give your uncle the news at dinner tonight” (they were getting married!).  Making that announcement was “pure joy” for the entire family.

Laura planned her entire wedding herself, adding personal family touches all along the way. It is truly a “Happily Ever After” story.  Enjoy the photographs of their very special wedding day.

Things Bridal Spectacular just loved:

  • Wedding Wishes Tree – Guests write their personal wishes on a card and hang the card on the Wishing Tree.
  • Custom Bride’s Shoes – Mrs. Lopez was beautifully written on the bottom of Laura’s shoe.
  • Wheat Grass – Trimmed the Ceremony Isle Runner
  • Glass Blown Bubbles – Over head at the reception

Elegant Las Vegas wedding by Ella Gagiano


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