A wedding is one of the most magical and memorable occasions you will ever celebrate in your lifetime. From the moment he proposes, the day you find your perfect wedding gown and that split second you look each other for the first time as you walk down the aisle, your wedding will provide you with the most incredible memories. In order to you document this amazing chapter in your life, you need an equally amazing photographer who will help you capture every moment — and Ella Gagiano Photography is absolutely perfect to help you remember this great time in your life.

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About Ella Gagiano Photography

Ella Gagiano Photography is passionate about weddings. She doesn’t just take photos of the wedding day — she takes pride in creating unsurpassed quality in not only the images, but also by creating high fashion images of couples in a once in a lifetime moment. Brides, when you meet the Ella Gagiano team, you will know them intimately and instantly. Your wedding day will more than likely already be stressful, so she wants to be there to support you and is prepared to take control of the moment and make it happen without any problems. A couple’s time with Ella will be fun, exciting and last a lifetime. When the day is over, the food is eaten, the decorations are gone and your family and friends have gone home, what you will have left are your photos and she takes that very seriously.

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Ella believes that their work and attention to the important details speaks for itself. Not everyone likes the same style or even the same things, so when Ella first meets a couple she interviews you just as much as you interview her. If she doesn’t feel that they can do the best job for you they will let you know at the beginning. In the end, she wants to ensure you have the best memories from the most important day of your life, even if that means they are not right the right company to do so.

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Ella Gagiano’s Work

Ella Gagiano Photography is a full-service photo studio that also specializes in large format prints, canvases and high-end albums. They have also grown to become the leader in all-photographic options for weddings, including the best cinema-style video and the most high-tech and fun photo booths around. Ella Gagiano’s wedding packages are tailored to fit 90% of their clients and they also put together custom packages when a client needs more or wants less. Each couple that meets with the Ella gets to see, feel and touch examples of all of their products, so they know what each package actually comes with.

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Ella said one photography product that she absolutely recommends any couple get is a photo album that reflects your entire day and the quality of their work. Although we all live in a digital age, she said Facebook and Instagram images will be lost and forgotten in a matter of years, but your album will remain in front of you and your family for a lifetime.

Also, with such strong connections in the industry and having personally worked with many other wedding professionals, Ella can also recommend other wedding vendors professionals who are the best she’s ever worked with. Ella understands that their images won’t look so amazing without the best venues, makeup, flowers, jewelry and décor, so she wants to help you find the best wedding vendors to help make your big day absolutely perfect!

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Tips & Trends for the Bride-To-Be

For trends, Ella said with the latest advancements in cameras and technology, photos have become much more stylized and artistic than ever before. Photographers take the time, pride and financial investment to understand their equipment and the trends. As a result, photographers are creating a much better vision and art that only helps to inspire others and raise the bar for everyone.

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And finally, tips for the bride and groom-to-be: Ella said couples should feel completely secure and trust the people that they are working with. Almost in every situation, getting a “good deal” will be the worst decision you could make. Successful vendors and people who are the best in their industry don’t need to make “deals.” She said when you find a company that you are in love with, you should secure your date immediately as they fill up fast and you don’t want to miss you opportunity to work with them.

To learn more about Ella Gagiano Photography, please click here or call 702-340-5505. And, be sure to come meet Ella at the next Bridal Spectacular and  visit http://www.bridalspectacular.com for more wedding planning tips and information!

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