In celebration of Halloween, we thought it was only fitting to share some fun ideas on how you can turn your very own wedding into a spooktacular, yet stylish affair. From your bridal look, wedding décor and catering, here are some fabulous ideas for a Halloween inspired wedding. Regardless of what type of wedding theme you’re looking for, you will find great ideas and inspiration at the next Bridal Spectacular Show in January!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween everyone!


The Bridal Look

For your wedding gown, you can add touches of color and antique embellishments, such as a dark-hued sash with an embellished brooch for a chic look. Or, go bold with an all-black or ruby red dress. Then, add a black-net wedding veil, a pair of lace gloves and antique jewelry to complete the look!

For your hairstyle, feature a tousled Victorian-style updo or create a loose half-up style with long, flowing curls pulled back with an antique hairpin.

And for makeup, keep it sophisticated with a slightly darker eyeliner and lipstick color. Consider deep plum eyeliner and shadow and a rich raspberry color for your lips. Now you’ve got a look that will kill!

The Ceremony Attire

Dress your bridesmaids up in dark hues like deep red, dark purple and black, or go straight for orange colored dresses. Add a little mystery to their look by including crocheted shawls, cameo chokers, or sheer scarves. For the guys, choose don tails or even swallowtail coats. Then for more Halloween fun, give them striped black-and-white or red-and-black socks to wear for the day.

And don’t forget your officiant! Have your officiant dress up as Dracula complete with fangs to add a spooky touch.

Décor Décor Décor

Create a Halloween-esque reception using rich black and orange linens. Include black chiavari chairs with orange seat cushions. Then top it off with silver chargers, lavish silver goblets, and antique candelabras with black or ivory candles!

For centerpieces, incorporate black, red and orange roses, deep red and orange calla lilies, black feathers and jewels. Then, surround each piece with lots of votives. If space allows, consider hanging antique chandeliers over the dance floor and black feather wreaths around the room.


You can’t have a Halloween themed wedding without a pumpkin themed menu! Ask your catering for items, such as pumpkin tarts as appetizers and pumpkin bread with pumpkin butter for the dinner rolls. You can also include pumpkin seeds in your salad and enjoy pumpkin ravioli for the main dish. For dessert, set up a table topped with mini pumpkin cheesecake bites, pumpkin pie and pumpkin cake pops… Yum!

For cocktails, ask your caterer to create a signature Halloween themed drink, such as rum apple cider, pumpkin spiced punch, pumpkin martini, or caramel apple punch!

Pumpkin spiced punch. Photo credit: Liz Gray
Pumpkin spiced punch. Photo credit: Liz Gray


The Entertainment

For music, you can get a DJ to play the typical Halloween favorites like “Monster Mash,” “Thriller,” and the theme song from “The Addams Family.” Ask her/him to dress up as Frankenstein or another costume favorite for a real show! You can also take a classier approach and hire organist, pianist or cellist to perform haunted tunes throughout the reception.

For fun, set up a spooky photo backdrop and ask a friend or hire a professional to take pictures of your guests at the reception. You can use a velvet curtain for the backdrop and add Halloween decorations and lights. Then, include easy-to-wear props your guests can wear like hats, signs and boas.

For more wedding fun planning tips and inspiration, please visit Bridal Spectacular. And, be sure to save-the-date to attend our Winter Bridal Show January 17 and 18 at Cashman Center!

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