Our couple, Chelsea and Charlie, let their imagination run wild when planning their wedding day. Bridal Spectacular challenges you to think out of the box and open our mind to a world of possibilities. This fun loving whimsical couple held their wedding ceremony in the “Fantasy Festival” room at the Discovery Children’s Museum,  They put a special twist on the traditional “Unity Ceremony”; using the museum’s science lab for inspiration, the couple poured vinegar and baking soda into a cylinder container symbolizing how two solutions combined (husband & wife) could never be separated. The reception then moved into the “Traveling Exhibit” which was their wedding reception.

The uniqueness of our couple and their day was capture on video by Memory Lane who has a flair for the exceptional and distinct.

There were so many unique design details put into this wedding: blending themes of shabby-chic & vintage-y forest with a princess castle & a pirate ship, ‘yellow” Converse tennis shoes worn by both the bride and groom, Jack Daniel’s bottles used as centerpieces, a sweetheart table draped in burlap and ivory cloth with large branches covered with daisies and baby’s breath, all extremely unique. And let’s not forget the one of a kind bouquet designed by Bouquet Couture that was a creation of items held special meaning, such as: music paper, old jewelry from Chelsea’s great grandma, grandma, grandpa and mom, they even included a piece of her son’s light saber in the handle.  Wow! that’s creative.

Congratulations to Chelsea and Charlie for blending their unique personalities into a memorable day and life together.

Things Bridal Spectacular Loved:

  • The Creative Videography by Memory Lane
  • The Bridal Bouquet by Bouquet Couture
  • The Yellow Converse Tennis Shoes worn by both bride & groom
  • The Location –  Discovery Children’s Museum
  • The Victory Kiss – Charlie with his celebration fist in the air
  • The Unity Ceremony- Science Experiment