Las Vegas is bursting with some of the most diverse and stunning wedding ceremony and reception sites around. From upscale golf clubs and intimate garden weddings, to luxurious hotel ballrooms and even lakeside weddings — your imagination is the only limitation to finding the venue of your dreams. With so many great options available, it may be difficult to find the venue that is perfect for you. So, to help Las Vegas brides and grooms find their perfect wedding location, we at Bridal Spectacular teamed up with Kristen Raftery, the Private Event Director at the breathtaking Rhodes Ranch Golf Club to provide couples with some great tips!

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Bridal Spectacular: A couple just got engaged and is just beginning to plan their wedding! What are the first steps you recommend they do in order to narrow down their options and find their perfect venue?

Kristen: Discuss a guest list and a budget. Instead of going to every venue in town, research a specific style of venue (i.e. golf course, hotel, banquet hall). This will help couples limit their options and prevent difficulties narrowing down the venues. I would start with about five facilities to tour. Also, pricing is very important, but sometimes the venue just isn’t for you even if the pricing is perfect!

Bridal Spectacular: Once the couple has narrowed down their options and is ready to see a few different venues, what questions should they come prepared with to help them get the most out of the initial site visit?

Kristen: The couple needs to have an idea of what style ceremony and reception they are looking for. Questions should include, what happens if the weather is bad that day, what do we need to provide, who needs to set-up/breakdown, etc.? I believe that if the sales person is doing their job, they will answer these questions before they are even asked!

Bridal Spectacular: After doing a few site visits, the couple has found their perfect wedding venue, but they have a limited budget. What do you suggest to couples that are in this situation and how do you work with them to try to find a solution?

Kristen: Figure out what are the most important aspects of their ceremony and reception. There are a lot of items that people think they need to include, but they really can be eliminated to help cut costs.

Bridal Spectacular: Once the couple has finally chosen their wedding venue, how do you work with them to help determine their wedding theme, style, colors, etc?

Kristen: I like to show them options that work best with the facility. Pinterest is a very popular app for people to get ideas, but often, the ideas only work well with a certain style of venue. It is important for a couple to know that the event isn’t going to be identical to a Pinterest board unless it was added from that venue.

Bridal Spectacular: Weddings are an once-in-a-lifetime event (hopefully!). What items and/or services do you recommend a couple splurges on to truly have their dream wedding?

Kristen: PHOTOGRAPHY!!! I definitely wouldn’t skimp on the price for a good photography. When everything is said and done your photos are going to either help you relive the best parts of your wedding, or make you wish you could go back and hire a great photographer! Videography would be my next item. I personally did not have one for my wedding, but wish I had spent the money to get a great videographer. Even though I have great pictures, I would love to hear what was being said at the times I was laughing!

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Bridal Spectacular: What are the latest trends you’ve been seeing with weddings in 2015?

Kristen: Mason jars and natural colors are the most popular for our facility. They work very well with the country/rustic themes. They can also be used for the simple elegance of a classier feel. Luckily with our venue, we can be as elegant and dressed up as the client wants or simple and classy depending on what fits their needs.

Bridal Spectacular: Anything else you would like to add or share to help Las Vegas couples find their perfect wedding venue?

Kristen: People get married in Las Vegas 365 days a year! Don’t compare your wedding to anyone else. Just because you have been to a wedding at a certain facility, or know someone who has gotten married there doesn’t mean your wedding will be anything like theirs! Each event is different, even if they used all the same colors, centerpieces, themes, food, etc.

About Rhodes Ranch Golf Club

Awarded the #1 ceremony site location in 2012, Rhodes Ranch Golf Club offers a stunning setting that combines nature’s elegance with breathtaking city views and luminescent sunsets. Rhodes Ranch offers ample indoor and outdoor patio seating, customized decor and a Rhodes Ranch signature menu to complete your wedding experience. Their attentive staff will take care of every detail along the way and they are always there for each couple to make your wedding day as elegant and flawless as you have always imagined.

Whether you are looking for a simple outdoor ceremony or a reception filled with family, friends and champagne toasts, Rhodes Ranch can help make your special day as distinctive as you are.

To learn more about weddings at Rhodes Ranch, please click here. And, be sure to save-the-date to attend our Autumn Bridal Show August 21 and 22 at Cashman Center where you can meet Kristen and the Rhodes Ranch team in person! Receive $5 o­ff admission when you buy tickets online! Click here and enter promo code: BLOG2015

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Photos: Provided by Rhodes Ranch Golf Club | Author: Deidre Bakker-Riches