The music begins, everyone rises and all eyes are on you, the bride. As you walk down the aisle, it’s every bride’s dream to look absolutely stunning and take her guests’ breath away. Creating the perfect bridal look is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding experience! And, to help ensure all Las Vegas brides are informed and prepared with everything you need to know when it comes to creating your ideal wedding look, we at Bridal Spectacular teamed up with the top hair and makeup professionals in the city, including Makeup in the 702, Hair’z Melinda and Amelia C & Co, to provide you with all the Do’s, Don’ts and tips to ensure you are picture perfect for your big day.

First up, a Q&A with Makeup in the 702 Founder, Megan Payne!

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Bridal Spectacular: When a bride is looking for a hair and makeup stylist for her wedding, where do you recommend she starts her search and what questions should she ask the stylist to ensure she is getting a great, professional vendor?

Megan: Well, right here on a blog on a wedding website! Their questions should be specific and a bride should definitely do her homework before clicking on ten hair and makeup websites and asking for price lists. If she does, 7 of the 10 she inquired about will respond and then the bride can get overwhelmed and inundated with emails. Instead, I suggest the following:

  1. Require that you speak to someone on the phone, not just emailed words — just a good old-fashioned phone call.
  2. Check out reviews and what other wedding pros are saying about them.
  3. Make sure the company has licensed beauty professionals with insurance and liability

Bridal Spectacular: Before the wedding, what do you recommend a bride does in order to ensure she is ready for her big day (The Do’s)?

Megan: Hands down, wash your face day and night and drink plenty of water. Those two things will keep your skin on the right track.

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Bridal Spectacular: And what do you recommend she does not do before the wedding (The Don’ts)?

Megan: Anything you have not done before. If you don’t wax, don’t start the week before the wedding. That goes for facials, new skincare and injectables as well. It’s best to try all these fantastic services months prior to the wedding, not days before.

Bridal Spectacular: How do you help a bride determine her perfect wedding look?

Megan: We ask a myriad of questions to understand the client’s conformability with makeup. We’ll ask to see the dress, accessories and any inspiration photos she may have. Then we’ll make suggestions based on her answers, but when in doubt, stay classic!

Bridal Spectacular: How about the bridal party — Is there anything you recommend for the bridesmaids?

Megan: Of course! Each member of the bridal party should choose a hair and makeup look that’s most suitable for her coloring, face shape and hair type.

Bridal Spectacular: What are the latest trends you’ve been seeing in 2015 with hair and makeup? Also, are there any trends you don’t recommend?

Megan: Please, save the “trends” for the decor. Hair and makeup should remain timeless and classic. What is always “in trend” is clean fresh skin, perfect brows, and blush lips.

Bridal Spectacular: When it comes to planning, how much time should the bride allot on her wedding day to get her hair and makeup done?

Megan: We reserve one hour per person per service, divided by two for a makeup artist and a hair stylist.

Bridal Spectacular: Anything else you would like to add or share to help brides achieve the perfect look for the wedding day?

Megan: After the flowers have wilted and the food has been eaten, what do you have left? The photos… Allocate your resources with this in mind!

Bridal Spectacular: Thank you for all of the fantastic tips and information, Megan! For our readers, please stay tuned for our Q&A with Hair’z Melinda and Amelia C & Co!

About Makeup in the 702

Voted WeddingWire’s 2015 top beauty professional in the nation with the most reviews, Makeup in the 702 is the only all-inclusive hair, makeup and photography company in Las Vegas. They were also the first in the industry to offer airbrushing, all-inclusive services and a guarantee on their work, including 15-hour water and transfer resistant services.

The makeup artists and hair stylists are an expert in their fields, which helps ensure the most up-to-date products, tools and techniques are used on all of their clients. These passionate and highly educated artists and stylists continue to pave the laws of beauty and create timeless and classic looks that are sought after by both brides and industry professionals.

To learn more about Makeup in the 702 and its services, please click here. And, be sure to save-the-date to attend our Autumn Bridal Show August 21 and 22 at Cashman Center where you can meet Megan and the Makeup in the 702 team in person! Receive $5 o­ff admission when you buy tickets online! Click here and enter promo code: BLOG2015

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Photos: From Makeup in the 702 | Author: Deidre Bakker-Riches