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5 Fail-Proof Tips for Your Golf Bachelorette party


Bride Erica and her bridesmaids wearing fun satin robes and drinking champagne

5 Tips for Your Golf Bachelorette party One of the most iconic parts of a wedding is the pre-wedding party, the Bachelorette. One final hooray with your girls to live up the single lifestyle before tying the knot. It is also a great time to show the girls your gorgeous and wonderfully made wedding gown. […] Read more…

Bachelorette Parties- Vegas Has Something for Everyone


Living in Las Vegas definitely has it perks and if you are planning a bachelorette party you certainly have some of the best spots in the country available in your own backyard. From the hottest nightclubs and bars to world-class spas and pools, here are a few of my favorite bachelorette party locations in Las […] Read more…

Relaxing Bachelorette Party for Las Vegas Weddings


Not all Las Vegas weddings have to have a wild and crazy bachelorette party. For my pre-marital celebration I just wanted to get some well deserved rest and relaxation. My best friend and my brother, who doubles as my man of honor, helped me pull together a whole day of poolside festivities. First order of business was […] Read more…