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Need to start a gift registry for a Las Vegas wedding? Try Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry

Brides and grooms, whether you’re just starting out in life or you’re simply looking for some updated appliances and décor, your neighborhood Kohl’s store has exactly what you need for your wedding registries. With a wide variety of styles, items for every room of a house, and unique money-saving discounts, the Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry will help brides, grooms, and guests alike find the perfect products to celebrate each couple’s special Las Vegas weddings.

Kohls Registry photo from  250x300 Need to start a gift registry for a Las Vegas wedding? Try Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry

With 10% in rewards and 15% discounts, Kohl's gift registry delivers ways for all your wedding wishes to come true.

“We offer everything from kitchen gadgets to dishware, place settings, small kitchen electrics. Your waffle maker, your Keurig coffee maker, your kitchen stand mixer—all the gadgets you can think of for your kitchen,” Shawnna Loop, a representative from Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry, said at Las Vegas’ Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

While Kohl’s hosts all the latest kitchen appliances as well as classic kitchen items, this store also allows brides and grooms to register for items they can use in other areas of their homes.

“Also, bedding, a lot of towels, sheets, rugs, home décor, and all the little knick knacks to accessorize everything,” Loop said.

With so many options, Kohl’s provides the perfect opportunity for young couples who are just starting out to receive all the items they need for their first home.

“This is going to travel with them throughout their life and start those new memories with them,” Loop said of Kohl’s registry products.

But Kohl’s doesn’t only cater to first-time homeowners. They also encourage brides and grooms to register if they’d like to update their home décor, upgrade their appliances, or simply select items that reflect a couple’s decision to join together.

“Maybe if they’re moving into a new home together or consolidating, and they want that updated crock-pot or they’ve had their eye on the waffle maker,” Loop said. “Now’s the time to have that reason to get that waffle maker. They haven’t gotten it before, but this is the reason to ask people for it.”

Kohls Registry display at bridal show plates 2011 300x225 Need to start a gift registry for a Las Vegas wedding? Try Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry

Kohl's displayed this variety of dinnerware at Bridal Spectacular's bridal show.

Through a registry, brides and grooms allow their guests to celebrate with them through buying gifts they know the newlyweds will genuinely want, use, and appreciate. Now Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry makes it easier than ever before to make those dreams come true through their discount guarantees.

“For upcoming brides and grooms, if they register through Kohl’s, their guests are offered a 15% discount on purchases of $50.00 or more,” Loop said.

While guests receive this discount, it’s also available to the brides and grooms for post-wedding shopping.

“If after the wedding, they didn’t get something on their registry but they still want it,” Loop said, “Kohl’s will offer a 15% discount for them if they want to make those purchases as well.”

To make the process even better, Kohl’s Wedding Wishes also maintains a couple’s gift registry for up to one year after their wedding date.

Kohls Registry Wedding Wishes bridal show vendor 2011 kitchen items 225x300 Need to start a gift registry for a Las Vegas wedding? Try Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry

From the kitchen to the bedroom, Kohl's provides products you'll love to have in your home.

“[It’s] in case somebody wanted to give them a post-wedding gift,” Loop said. “Maybe a housewarming gift or something.”

Through worthwhile discounts, an extended registry timeframe, quality products, and plenty of options, Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry provides the perfect place for one-stop registry shopping for all a bride and groom’s gifts.

“Congratulations,” Loop said to brides and grooms, “on the engagement and on all the new memories that are to come and the exciting steps that are going to be ahead!”

For further details about Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry in Las Vegas, Nevada, please visit Kohl’s official website or make an appointment at a local Kohl’s store near you to start a wedding registry.

Also, for more information about additional Las Vegas wedding registry stores, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular and view our wedding services for bridal registries.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: first image by Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry, additional images by Allyson Siwajian

Displays created by Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry as seen at Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

Las Vegas brides, discover your wedding registry style!

Brides, give your guests plenty of opportunities to give wedding gifts that you’ll use again and again! With a gift registry for your Las Vegas weddings, you can select any items throughout the store, add them to your registry list, and make the list available for guests to make purchases that will fit their budgets.

Pink and black lamp venue decor Bridal Show vendor 2012 225x300 Las Vegas brides, discover your wedding registry style!

As you plan your wedding, don't forget to also think about home decor.

While many brides and grooms choose to use a helpful registry guide provided by their selected stores, we’d like to make a few recommendations beyond the basics too.

Today find which style best suits you and your fiancé. Then make sure to add these kitchen items to your personal, original gift registry, wherever you choose to go.


  • Wine Decanter: Cultivate the best flavor every time you serve fruit of the vine, whether it’s a date for two or a gathering of close friends.
  • Mango Wood Bowl and Serving Tray: While hand-painted china is artistic, these down-to-earth pieces made of renewable resources most reflect your style.
  • Mortar and Pestle: Chances are you’re not the usual cooks. Try this tool to grind spices, nuts, and grains to create internationally inspired cuisine.

Cool and Classy

  • Espresso Machine: Start your day in the right direction. Wake up with a shot of espresso and homemade java, complete with a sleek travel mug.
  • Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer: Since it’s easy to use and easy to clean, you’ll be able to whip up just about anything. When not in use, it provides a great splash of color to any kitchen countertop.
  • Multi-Tier Cupcake Tray: Impress your guests, and create a convenient way to display desserts for scrumptious dinner parties.


  • Fine China: Just because Mom only used it for holidays doesn’t mean you have to regulate your china too. Enjoy these dishes on every special occasion, including family meals and date nights.
  • CrockPot: Whether you’re a dedicated homemaker or working woman, this kitchen staple will provide hundreds of meals with little stress and great flavor.
  • Sugar Bowl and Creamer: Treat yourself and your guests with these dainty pieces every time you serve tea or coffee. Now was that one lump or two?

Party Hearty

  • Ice Bucket: As the life of the party, you and your groom are bound to host big dinners, Superbowl parties, or barbeques at your home. Be prepared with an ice bucket and tongs that you can set up near the Guinness glasses.
  • Roasting Pan: Whether you’re preparing a holiday turkey for the in-laws or getting ready for Monday Night Football, you’ll want a pan to make meaty meals that feed many mouths.
  • Ceramic Platters: Serve those hearty meals and nosh-worthy snacks on colorful ceramics to keep the party going.


Mock Wedding Place Setting 300x224 Las Vegas brides, discover your wedding registry style!

Just as you'd choose a style for your wedding, select a personal style for your kitchen accessories.

  • Stainless Steel Cookware: Bold, sleek, and able to take the heat, stainless steel cookware delivers exactly what you need to make meals without all the frills.
  • Electric Fondue Set: With an adjustable thermostat and nonstick interior, you’ll minimize the time needed for prep and cleaning. Plus, you’ll be able to share in a host of small snacks with big impact.
  • Glass Pitcher: Keep it simple, clear, and clean with a tall, glass pitcher to serve chilled water whenever guests arrive.

Brides and grooms, want to register for these kitchen items? Then visit Bridal Spectacular’s website, and view our recommended wedding gift registry stores, like Kohl’s; Macy’s; Bed, Bath, and Beyond; and Dillard’s. Pick one or two places, and start your registries as soon as possible. Happy shopping!

Planning a Las Vegas wedding? Save the date for March 16, 2012, to attend Veils, Tails, & Cocktails, a new boutique bridal show at ARIA Resort and Casino. Buy tickets online through Bridal Spectacular’s website, and receive the early-bird discount with promo code: Ally. Tickets also available for $15.00 at the door.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian

Planning a Las Vegas wedding registry? Here’s what to choose!

Las Vegas brides, there’s nothing more exciting than darting around a store with a laser gun in your hands. Okay, okay, maybe one or two other activities come to mind.

When you start your wedding registry, you’ll be armed with a scanner, likened to an extremely fun laser gun, and set free to scan whatever strikes your fancy. But in your groom’s and your frenzy to tag the ultimate mix-master blender, the nifty 20-pixel camera, or the something-somethings in the lingerie department, remember the basics. To make a house into a home, be sure that you include the following items on your gift registries for Las Vegas weddings.

Kohls bridal show vendor booth dishes 2011 300x224 Planning a Las Vegas wedding registry? Here’s what to choose!

Before you register, consider what style and colors you and your groom like best.

Register for Cookware

Balance the basics of pots, pans, cutlery, food prep pieces, and appliances with cooking items that appeal to you. Are you a gourmet chef who thrives on well-prepared meals? Then register for long-lasting pots and pans, and consider adding a fondue set, spice rack, or Panini press to your list. Not the type to make muffins in the morning? Then skip this registry staple in favor of another item you’ll use.

Register for Bedding

For bedding basics, consider your lifestyle. Do you like to sleep on luxurious satin or casual cotton? Will you make the bed every day, or leave the comforter to the floor for months? Be honest about your preferences and habits. Then let them influence your choices for a duvet or comforter’s style, sheets’ thread count, blanket fabrics, and the number of pillows (both decorative and nightly use).

Register for Bath

The bath basics include towels (hand towels, washcloths, bath towels, bath sheets), floor mats or rugs, a soap dispenser, and a shower curtain, liner, and rings. If you already like what you own, then don’t feel pressured to replace these items. Also, remember to consider additional decorative pieces, from wall sconces to Kleenex covers, to complete your bath set.

Register for Place Settings

Complement your kitchen cookware with dining room place settings that reflect your style. As you and your groom choose plates, flatware, platters, and glassware, discuss favorite designs and be prepared to compromise. Register for 8-12 place settings to accommodate guests or the occasional broken dish. Lastly, remember to consider functionality and lifestyle. If you won’t want to hand wash gold-rimmed china after a feast, then plan to select a dishwasher-safe option.

RC WIlley bridal show vendor booth furniture  2011 300x224 Planning a Las Vegas wedding registry? Here’s what to choose!

Register for furniture, rugs, and decorative accents to make your house a home.

Register for Home Décor and Maintenance

Complete your registry with items to beautify and care for your home. Based on your needs, include furniture, table linens, lamps, electronics, and decorative accent pieces. Then to maintain your home, register for items aimed at upkeep. This may include a vacuum, iron and ironing board, trashcans, tool set, and additional hardware or appliances. Remember it’s okay to think beyond typical lists. Choose what will best benefit your groom’s and your needs as husband and wife.

With a registry of wedding gift ideas, soon you’ll have a home filled with essential items and a few fun extras too! Enjoy your planning process, and don’t forget to check Bridal Spectacular’s website for Las Vegas wedding registry stores that offer scanning fun for your registries!

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian

Displays in photographs: Kohl’s Wedding Wishes Gift Registry, RC Willey (as seen at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show)

Reconsider your wedding registry: Choose to benefit a charity of your choice

Already own a complete set of dishes? Possess enough towels between you and your groom that there’s no need for your guests to buy more? Rather not receive a new ironing board as a wedding gift? Then, Las Vegas brides, reconsider your Las Vegas weddings’ registry plans.

modern wedding invitations 300x222 Reconsider your wedding registry: Choose to benefit a charity of your choice

Include a card to explain your charity registry with your mailed invitations.

Let Your Guests Know

Invite your guests to join with you to support a cause of your choice. You can begin this theme by including small cards in your invitations or a message on your personal wedding website’s home page. Through these methods, politely explain your decision to forgo usual gifts, show your support for a certain organization, and direct guests to a website where they’ll learn more information and be able to donate in lieu of traditional wedding gifts.

Give and Receive

For all you brides and grooms who do need a few staples for your home, but who also love the idea of giving back as you receive your wedding gifts, consider incorporating both concepts. Set up a small registry with the final items you need—such as a complete set of silverware, floor lamps, hardware tools, etc. Then give guests the options of purchasing you a gift from your gift registry or making a donation to the charity of your choice. For those guests who do purchase from a typical gift registry, you can link your wedding registry to groups like The I Do Foundation, who allow 10% of all registry purchases to benefit a charity of your choice.

Show Your Support

While charity registries may be the most popular option (even British royalty Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton have endorsed this wedding trend), you may also continue to show your support throughout your wedding day. But bear in mind your guests are attending your wedding, not a fundraiser. Show your support in subtle, elegant ways that are appropriate to the wedding’s tone.

Picture 19 Reconsider your wedding registry: Choose to benefit a charity of your choice

Support your favorite cause with wedding-appropriate attire, like these shoes.

To do this, select one of the following ideas, or create your own method: Print wedding invitations on fully recyclable paper. Place polished information cards on the ceremony seats for guests to view as they wait for the wedding to begin.  Pay tribute to a cause by wearing attire that’s symbolic of your charity choice—be it a certain material for your gown, a specific shoe brand, awareness bracelets, or a color that’s cause is briefly explained in the wedding program. Serve guests a vegan cake, or donate all untouched leftovers to a local food bank. Ask a disc jockey to make a quick announcement, perhaps after the toasts or before the dance party.

Choose Your Charity

However you choose to include the charity of your choice is up to you, brides and grooms. Whether your involvement extends to just replacing the registry or to including the cause in your wedding day’s events as well, you are making a difference for the better.

Love the idea of helping others through your Las Vegas wedding planning? Consider which nonprofit organizations you can partner with for your wedding’s charity choice. Then contact the organization, set up an online gift account for your wedding, and let the giving begin!

Author: Allyson Siwajian

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