Watch the “Highlight Reel” and “Behind the Scenes” videos of Rob and Stacey’s bridal show wedding


Celebrate Rob and Stacey’s wedding with Lighten Films’ “highlights reel” wedding video. Then discover the commitment of Las Vegas wedding professionals to create memorable weddings in Digs’ “behind-the-scenes” footage. Read more…

Scratched Record Surprise: Hilarious first dance wedding videos for Las Vegas brides


It’s the day after St. Patrick’s day! In the spirit of good music, good dancing, and good times, I’d like to showcase a wedding trend that’s fast becoming a wedding tradition. Watch these hilarious videos and learn tips to create your very own funny first dance surprise for your Las Vegas wedding. Read more…

Cinematography or Videography?


Ever so often something new happens in the wedding industry.  Someone reinvents the wheel…..or better yet comes up with a new way of preserving the memories of your wedding.  In Las Vegas we are starting to see a major change  in the way weddings are being filmed! Tracey Kumer-Moore, Las Vegas Wedding Concierge, stated on her Facebook, […] Read more…