Ever so often something new happens in the wedding industry.  Someone reinvents the wheel…..or better yet comes up with a new way of preserving the memories of your wedding.  In Las Vegas we are starting to see a major change  in the way weddings are being filmed!

Tracey Kumer-Moore, Las Vegas Wedding Concierge, stated on her Facebook,  “I am choosing to use “Wedding Cinematographer” now  and also the term “film” instead of “video”.  Your uncle Bob or anyone can shoot some video these days but “Wedding Cinematographers” create “art on film”. There is a HUGE difference!”

There are two Las Vegas companies that have been doing excellent cinematography editing that you can meet at The Bridal Spectacular .  They are Memory Lane Video and Lighten Films, Fine Art Cinematography.  
Make sure something different happens with our wedding video, maybe we’ll be seeing your wedding in cinema!