“It’s different, it’s entertaining, and it’s not what people think it is,” Jason Roberts, head of cinematography at Digs Studio of Photography and Cinema, said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show about the latest transition in wedding film.

At Digs Studio, Roberts and crew focus on a new style of wedding film called cinematography. Unlike former footage techniques that simply included video documentation of a wedding day’s events, this new form of film is designed to tell a couple’s love story.

Digs Studio provides brides with creative ways to document their weddings, as seen at their Bridal Spectacular booth.

“Cinematography is much more meant to look and feel like you’re watching a movie,” Roberts said. “It’s storytelling.”

As a result, each Digs Studio wedding video hosts a plot, a story, specific music selection, and special moments from the wedding that define not just the event, but also the emotion of that day.

“Our philosophy is that the wedding video should not just be about the wedding,” Roberts said. “It’s about the people involved and their experiences through this event. And that’s really what we’re trying to capture when we film a wedding.”

With each engaged couple, Digs Studio emphasizes their unique personalities, tastes, and favorite activities to bring each video to life. To do this, Roberts likes to meet with a bride and groom before the project begins.

“I want to get to know you,” Roberts said. “I want to know: How did you guys meet? What kind of music do you listen to together? What do you like to do when you go on dates?”

As the cinematographer and an engaged couple learn each other’s styles, they become comfortable. Personalities flourish at their fullest, and people are free to reveal who they truly are in the presence of the cameraman. It’s in these moments that Roberts learns how best to film this particular wedding.

“The personality of the couple can tell the tone of the entire movie,” Roberts said. “You know whether it’s going to be a slow, romantic piece. Or if the couple is kind of funny and they joke around with each other a lot, it might be a faster-paced piece.”

Most importantly, Digs Studio understands the importance of accurately portraying a bride and groom’s special day. That’s why these cinematographers work so diligently to discover who you are and how your video can best reflect your love story. Brides, even on the wedding day, you are free to be yourself. Uninhibited by the camera, you will tell your love story in your own way. Digs Studio simply captures it.

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“I never direct. Once we’re into the ceremony and the reception, I’m in the background,” Roberts said. “I want the couple to tell the story… to make it real.”

Then, after a full day’s footage, Roberts crafts the video into a movie. With a consistent story, an apparent theme, and all the emotions of the day presented in the best possible way, Digs Studio presents the newlyweds with a film worth watching again and again.

“Wedding film has changed,” Roberts said. “Cinematography is new. We want to make videos that not just you (the bride and groom) can watch, but somebody else can come over and watch and be entertained too.”

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Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photos: Digs Studio of Photography and Cinema